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    Default Toddlers & Tiaras?

    I came across this a few weeks back on cable, no surprise. Disturbed doesn't begin to convey my thoughts and feelings. I wasn't shocked that people like this are out there, ofcourse they are. I was shocked that something like this could take on such a lage scale fan-base without being challanged by numerous child exploitation organizations, child protective services, etc.

    Anyhow, have any of you seen this shit, and if so.. have you heard of any agencies that are taking actions against it?

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    Go after one, you go after them all.. If TV featured the pressure kids go through during things like sports, then I'm sure people would be complaining about organized sports more.

    Parents make their kids do shitty things. It happens all the time. sometimes the kids like it, and sometimes they end up resenting it. Some kids fall in love with music, and some think that piano lessons were the worst idea their parents ever had.

    When it comes to this, I think it sets the entire wrong tone for women at a very young age. But that's a personal opinion, and not one I'm willing to inflict on someone else.
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    Oh you've just barely scratched the surface on Toddlers and Tiaras. I give you The Hooker Baby:

    [YOUTUBE=""]Toddlers and Tiaras[/YOUTUBE]

    And for all that it still manages to not be as insane as Dance Moms.
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    An embarrassment of humanity. That's all that needs to be said here.

    If one is to combat such a problem, I would adivse fixing the source; the mothers. What comples mothers to place their daughters in such social contests? Many things, but overall in general; a sheer lack of self-esteem, failure in life to succeed at anything, being overweight and unattractive, having little to no morals, and subsequently seeing their daughters as potential to live out their dreams by proxy.

    So rather than trying to shut down such contests (not that I'm entirely against that, just that such methods to do so would be complicated and intrusive, and of course draw lots of controversy and all kinds of other mess), we should focus on fixing the unhealthy psychology of those who would place their children in such contests and shows to begin with.

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    This ungulate poisons her daughter for a competitive edge. She will grow from a pretty little girl into a fat, disturbed "couponer" (that is NOT a job, BTW) just like mommy. I LOL'ed several times, but I also have a 7-year-old niece, and this is heartbreaking.

    [YOUTUBE=ABzMAuI1vj0]Toddlers and Tiaras - Go-Go Juice[/YOUTUBE]
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    Well, I suppose the primary function of a parent is to gear their offspring into being able to pass down their genetic material another generation. So with that in mind Contestant Number 2: Alana is well primed to have several baby daddies by the age of 12.

    I have also witnessed the train wreck that is Dance Moms on occasion. Wow. What. The. Hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    This ungulate poisons her daughter for a competitive edge. She will grow from a pretty little girl into a fat, disturbed "couponer" (that is NOT a job, BTW) just like mommy. I LOL'ed several times, but I also have a 7-year-old niece, and this is heartbreaking.

    [YOUTUBE=ABzMAuI1vj0]Toddlers and Tiaras - Go-Go Juice[/YOUTUBE]
    Sad, that woman couldn't be broadcasting her insecurities any louder if she was using a megaphone.
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    I have seen an documentary about the subject, all i can say is only in america..
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    @INTP The majority of us are NOT proud of this! One of my aunts in Georgia was doing this with my baby cousin till we talked her out of it by the time Abby was 7. #thankgoodness. If she tries it again, my fury will be godlike in scope. >:O
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    I think the real disturbing thing about this isn't do much the outshines of stage moms but that "back in the day" childrens beauty was based in child standards. I think Shirley Temple look a likes in frilly communion style dresses would be the winners. Now little girls are made up to look like child prostitutes. It's disturbing how this hypersexualization of children has buy in and encouragement from parents themselves.
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