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    Default Favourite celebrity stupidity

    Sometimes our most famous.. most popular.. people do things that seem mind bogglingly daft. Just plain stupid.

    I read, today, of this :

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Snipes set for tax case sentence

    Wesley Snipes could go to jail for 3 years because of pretty amateur (probably?) tax evasion. Appears they got him on the technicality of not filing tax returns at all. I ask you.. how stupid is that for a man with those resources and advisers.

    The tax adviser in me hasn't been so amused as when the famous racehorse jockey, Lester Piggott went to jail in the UK for paying his tax-avoidance bill off with a cheque written on yet another account he hadn't told the government about when he came clean.

    Still.. not nearly as good as the Michael Jackson dangling the baby incident.

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    How about Heathter Mills proclaiming outside court that she "wasn't a gold-digger" and one sentence later saying "everybody knows [Paul McCartney] is worth £800M" and not the mere £500M decided by the court.

    Edit: there's more stupidity in this woman than you can hit with a stick.

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    It's charming to think that celebrities are stupid.

    In that way we can avoid our own.

    It makes us feel good to say how stupid celebrities are.

    And it helps us avoid understanding celebrity.

    Celebrity is an expression of the Attention Economy.

    MySpace is an expression of the Attention Economy.

    However in the Attention Economy a very small number get all the atttention and we get none.

    The Attention Economy is monstrously unfair.

    So rather than paying attention, positively or negatively, to Paris Hilton, we need to start learning how to pay attention to one another.

    So we start to institute a society of fair exchange - the fair exchange of Attention.

    First I pay attention to you then you pay an equal amount of attention to me.

    This seems so simple I wonder why we don't do it.

    All I can think of is that literacy has created a society of individuals who would rather pay attention to a book than each other.

    But now we are in touch with one another electronically and so now Attention is king.

    And the robber barons of today, like Paris, have taken all the attention to themselves and left us starving.

    And just as the robber barons were defeated by the Unions, we can defeat the celebrities by joining together to listen to one another - simply by paying attention to one another, turn and turn about.

    It seems so natural - it is so enjoyable - it is almost inevitable.


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