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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    Pretty much only for live sports.
    my comedy central is fox news
    "I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. "
    -Bruce Lee

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    OMG sx


    Quote Originally Posted by Elisius View Post
    All experiences, regardless of source, change us. Further, television is a medium, not a specific experience in and of itself. Can you really say that Doctor Who will skew my perception of reality the same way that Dexter would?Yes everything changes us, but what direction relies on the open mindedness of the individual.
    I won't deny it changes us, and I won't deny that change isn't always good, but I will say that the majority of messages I see in media are positive. Heroes win, good prevails, and where it doesn't it's considered wrong.
    I see no conspiracy here, except a conspiracy of one man to put himself into a lockstep of fear and isolation.
    I just got hung up on some allan watts videos hah some intriguing stuff, maybe this wasn't the best one to post, he has some other larger ideas on life. He mentioned the indoctrination of this TV, failling to observe how this is true or untrue ddoes not make your oppinion validated in anyway. Although i can see how i look cynical, I just let my thoats flow online, it's not how i am in real life.

    Quote Originally Posted by yakimadude View Post
    my comedy central is fox news
    That's what I'm saying
    1+1=3 OMFG

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakimadude View Post
    my comedy central is fox news
    True that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munchies View Post
    Now i don't wanna hear any back talk. Just hush up and watch the video you might learn something if you aren't completly brain dead.
    Honest question, were you trying to be ironic by writing this then posting a video on how TV is brainwashing us of our ability to think for ourselves?

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