How much of your time or day do you think is taken up with "busy work" as opposed to really productive labours?

"busy work" can be defined as planning, reviewing and replanning actions or initiatives in such a way that 95% is contemplation and only 5% action, it can also be the completition of myriad minor tasks before a single real task can be completed, for instance the completition of statistical records data gathering before a repair job could be completed or begun.

Although if you have your own definition of "busy work" or dont agree that the concept is even valid do say so.

Associated with the idea of "busy work" is the idea of an "attention economy", that is that time effectively being money in terms of most peoples remuneration or earnings and time also being scare that what is important is not the existence of an "information economy", "knowledge economy" or "skills economy" but rather the individual's attentiveness, its quality and whether or not it is divided or undivided.

Is the attention economy in fundamental conflict with busy work or are they both describing essentially the same thing, that modern life and work do not permit single minded concentration upon singular topics and tasks but oft necessity require dividing attention among a number of things at any one time without marked reductions in the quality of the attention an individual is capable of delivering.