I find that my personal bias tends toward a combination of fiscal conservatism and social liberalism, with a significant degree of pragmatism and outcome orientation on both ends. I suspect that my thoughts one economics, the role of government regulation, and taxation are fairly unusual and don't quite fit into the spectrum. I would be a libertarian if not for my serious doubts about the effectiveness of free markets.

I'm not entirely certain what others think of my political views because I don't tend to discuss them directly, and when I do they are misinterpreted. What usually happens is I stay quiet until either I observe something ludicrous or someone makes an ignorant statement ('Indians are lazy', 'all Muslims are terrorists,' etc.). Then people confuse my observation of ludicrousness or refutation of what they say as a political view in the opposite direction. I remember not long ago discussing Occupy Wall Street with a co-worker and saying something along the lines of 'they don't seem to have a coherent message or plan,' which was promptly interpreted to 'someone should taze those lazy hippies.'