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Oh I was joking Averex, I can tell you were coming from the POV of one who takes their relationships and showing appreciation seriously -- NFJ. I got the impression you found holidays a bit...fake and thereby cheapening any real appreciation they're meant to show? I getcha. I think a lot of people feel that way about the 'big' holidays that roll up around fall/winter or else find them downright depressing for similar reasons -- on the surface being about XYZ when actual XYZ is lacking in their lives.

I think it's a noble sentiment but I think for myself maybe it's the P vs J difference, but I figure why fight it? I might be really bad at keeping track and remembeing such holidays, but I'll make the best of what I can from a barbecue or huge turkey and ham dinner.
yeah, i barely know what day it is
i don't remember when the holidays are
except for people's b-day