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I think humans are just the consummate consumers, and that that is our downfall. We don't have a check on our ability to acquire because nature always provided that in the past, in the form of our environment being harsh, lack of food at times, etc. Technology has enabled us to control it more, and manipulate it so we are growing exponentially. We don't see why we shouldn't because it isn't programmed into our brains to need to. So in our myopic mindset, we call everything progress and latch onto it, leaving an invisible mess in our wake that no one cares to see.

Technology is good, I think. We just don't like to give anything up. We are gluttonous and greedy. We want it all. If we could learn moderation and balance and humbleness, we'd be happier, and more content.
I think that there can be consumers and consumers if you know what I mean, the question should be whether it is objects, possession, property or experiences, including shared experiences or experiences requiring sharing or having a social character.

The one buying trend leads to and includes objectifying others, possessing others, making property of others while the other sort of buying trend, while it has traps of its own, is likely to contributing to someone developing a being or living mode of existence rather than a passive or possessive/having mode of existence which I tend to think is so abscent from the wrold at the moment.

When I say possessive I'm less inclined to link that with productivity, simply because its not the case in the world as it is, so possessiveness is about the ability to pay and thereafter control and own, its not a very humane norm or value in contrast to something born of productivity.