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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    Wait what? Again North Korea and South Korea are two different countries.
    I am aware. Two of the articles I came across casually when that story broke last week (I forget which ones on my news feed) said, implied, or carelessly referenced North Korea. Clearly they were wrong. And clearly other people came across that same information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    I'm wondering how the people who defended the Danish 'anti-Muslim' cartoon strip are chiming in about the Cloud Tower design.
    This Danish cartoon defender more or less agrees with your take on it, but doesn't think the two issues are similar at all; there are no violent riots or assassination attempts by over-sensitive Americans, and certainly no attempts to restrict freedom of speech.

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    That tumblr rocks!! Also, I guess that sucks for Korea...
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    ok so the king has died. The king that was able to sustain his country for years off of money taken by threats. Ok so now years later with a prosperus army but decaying civilization, the man who was holding this shit fest alltogether is dead. Now this kid with a huge army is supposed to do what to make capital? oh shit is going down my friends
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    The Totalitarian Spectre

    The fact that North Koreans are weeping in the streets for a torturer and mass murderer is testimony to the power of a totalitarian State to control the minds of the people.

    Totalitarian ideologies have cost millions of lives and perverted the minds of whole peoples.

    And yet we seem strangely oblivious to the totalitarian ideology of our day. It is as though we are sleep walking to the gallows. It is as though we are hypnotised by the totalitarian spectre, quite like the North Koreans.

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