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Candidates have traditionally made their IRS reports available, for example.

On the one hand, you want a free capitalist society (i'm assuming here), but on the other, you want to micromanage the information and personal life of candidates at large? Excuse me, but those sound like fundamentally opposed ideologies. If you believe in a free market system and democracy, then you would also believe the masses would take care of electing who they thought best, and demand the information necessary from candidates to make the best decision to that end.

I still don't see compelling evidence that transparency of candidates and officials' personal lives need be some sort of rule or requirement, beyond the simple ones already demanded for someone holding a position of higher power (like being a US citizen, etc).

What would you proscribe for rules of disclosure for potential candidates?
I don't want to micromanage the information of candidates, my point was that most of the are not transparent. my feelings on this are neutral.