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    Default Lock Down & Lock Out

    It would seem that we're coming into a new era, a new way of thinking and learning and accessing knowledge.

    As I look at the world today, and how we all are able to access anything at the click of a button, I realize that the news and world events are also right up there. There was a time when you thought oh that would never happen here, and I must say I was ignorant, as I said this because I am Canadian after all and it would never happen here. *sigh* how wrong I was.

    In the course of a week there have been two schools in somewhat close proximity to me that have had a lock down. The first was at an elementary school, and later in that week the person who the lock down was for, some children's father, decided to go and kill his 3 children grades, K,2 & 4. The next a high school where a student brought a gun to school.

    It was all rather scary and while I as a parent tried to shelter my children from such information, other parents did not. Then we see on the Elementary school (which is next door to a high school) that there will be a lockdown drill. No notices came home, they were only on the school windows.

    I as a parent saw the notices (many do not) and spoke to my kids immediately about it, other parents didn't, then the kids started asking questions, and children and teachers a like started answering them. Still no parents have been officially notified.

    I was bothered by this that no notice ever came home, and the only ones that were available were white ones on classroom windows.


    so if you were or are a parent of a young child and something like this were brought to your attention. How would you feel about how it was handled? And what would you do about it.

    I will share my thoughts a lil later in the thread.
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    I think the school should be notifying the parents somehow.

    However, if they sent a flier home by child, the children would be informed perhaps against the parent's wishes... so now the school must swallow the cost of either postage OR using an autodialer program to call all the families.

    In my view as a parent, my goal is to give my child information that helps keep them safe and sound, without unnecessarily terrifying them. I think it's important to talk about these things when they happen, but only to the extent the child can benefit. (And kids are somewhat different.)

    This week one of Far's classmates raped a peer and the police showed up at the school.

    Yesterday a 62-year old man about 3 blocks from us (and this is suburbia) shot his wife (who was disabled), then called the police and shot himself. He died, she hung on but might have died last night, I don't know. For a few hours, no one knew what was going on, so the SWAT team showed up outside the house.

    And the schools for our children are only on the other side of the street (a few blocks on the OTHER side)... so the school went into lock down.

    Our children seemed to do fine with the information, it was a little scary but sort of exciting... you know how kids are, they're often curious and gossip spreads like wildfire. (Another truth of the matter -- even if you keep info from the kids, they're going to hear a lot through the peer grapevine... so you are sort of forced to give them accurate information or their peers will misinform them.)

    Scary, huh, though? Especially with the father killing his children? I think that's a little different than our situation was, much more frightening and relevant to you and the kids.
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    Well I am actually on the School Planning Counsel at school and attend a lot of the PTA meetings as well. There has been adamant concern in regards to parents NOT reading notices, there has been countless discussions on how to get the word out to our parents, and make sure that they are in fact informed on what is going on with their children at their school. So to discover that a new policy and procedure was about to happen in regards to lock down and lock out drills, I was utterly flabbergasted that such an event was NOT sent home with children, but left on every window on the school along with notices about book fairs and fieldtrips and kindergarten registration, that had already all taken place.

    The children who could read had easy access to it, thus causing the discussions. Also I might add that the announcement was displayed on plain white paper. I might also add that about 50% of our school population does not have English as their first language, and many grandparents and relatives bring children too and from school and hardly speak english let alone read it.

    The more I thought of the way the office chose to relay this information the angrier and more disappointed I became thus I wrote and email and sent it off. And thankfully wasn't the only parent with concerns and the drill is now being postponed until they can adequately share the info with the parents.

    Here is what I had to say.............

    Ms. C & Mr. H,

    I have been taking some time to think about the school lock down drill that is to be taking place on April 17th , 2008, and while I am not thrilled about the idea of it and needing to have my children participate I can understand the reasoning for it. My biggest problem however, is in how it’s being executed in regards to getting information out to the parents of G Elementary. I personally have to wonder just how many parents even realize it is happening, and as children process the information being given what kind of repercussions will occur.

    I look at my children who are quick to people please and go with the flow, obey now ask questions later, process later. It’s taken a year for my daughter to realize her best friend doesn’t have a daddy, and to just randomly start crying at the dinner table. When will this be processed by her and many others? Will there be fall out for it, and will parents even realize it has taken place?

    Out of all things that deserved a newsletter, and one to be translated in many different languages this was by far one of the most important, we cannot even begin to imagine how children in the age range of 5-13 will even begin to process such information, and to take away a parents right to be involved in this, is in my opinion degrading. I have been left feeling like a child, having to have my children bring home this information, if they remember to.

    I am fortunately one of the few parents who does take the time to see what is happening in my child’s school and also one who can actually read such information, I also have children who know they can talk and share such information. We all know that many parents here do not read the newsletters and hardly seem to notice information posted on windows, but I would be very disappointed if that was your reasoning in not even trying to make sure this information was shared with the parental populations of G Elementary,

    I am thoroughly disappointed in how this has been handled thus far and I hope that I can get some clarification as to why parents were not even given the opportunity to received information in a proper manner.

    Thank you

    Tara B
    ~t need of hugs please...
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    I remember in 5th or 6th grade there was a bomb threat on the school and this was a small catholic school but I remembering my mom telling me if anyone is shooting and I'm in the hall to zig zag so it be harder for the bullets to hit me. Luckily the threat wasn't carried out, but kinda sad when a mom has to give her child advice on how to run to avoid being shot.

    Then Virginia Tech, and Northern Illinois which is only an hour from where I go to school.

    I wish I could knock some sense into people be like look "People fucking suck, but that does not give you the right to blow them up or shoot at them"
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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