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    Quote Originally Posted by Tantive View Post
    Anyone seen the documentary Freedom to Fascism?
    yes. in fact, I was gonna post it. I'll do so now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eckhart View Post
    "strong left-wing tendencies"? Do you have an example? I hope you don't mean things like the current joke-debate about minimum wages which is probably just another try to prepare for next elections to prevent losing too many votes to the opposition. On the other hand I guess she may seem to have such tendencies when you compare her to the people from FDP, where probably any other german party would look left-wing.
    - nuclear phaseout ( CDU was always pro nuclear power )
    - massive government programs to fund renewables and electromobility ( normally has been a lone ressort of the Greens )

    Ok the nuclear phaseout came thru political pressure, but then again that is what democracy is about. The CDU barely gave in to politacal pressure before and the demand in the population for politicians to be more flexible and to work together instead of always working against each other had been growing. It came as a surprise to me that the most conservative strong party there is was the first to try a public change of mind. Sadly unthankful germans now call them populist, tho basically they are proposing that way that a party should be dictatorial, namely to never change its mind and to stick to its principles. Still thats not democracy.

    Minimum wages is a problem that even the SPD couldnt solve. Thats a problem going on for so long in this country, its hilarious. No politician really dares to deal with it, because industrial lobbies will bog them down as a reaction in another place. I dont see that minimum wage is a problem solver to anything. The problem is the difference between a high wage and a low wage that has gotten to far. There are people who earn 120,000 euro p.a. and have a responsible team leading position. And there are people who earn 30,000 p.a. and are nurses who have a direct responsibility for human lifes. This problem will be solved when it becomes serious. In North-Rhine Westphalia there are currently 5,500 free jobs for nurses and only 1,800 will be able to be replaced this year. So the lack is growing and growing and the moment the first horror messages come from hospitals, you'll see a change.

    There is a general trend in Germany to high wages for people who do no practical work. And I guess it all started when the SPD, the socialist party became more economically oriented and big-picture thinking under Schröder. So what we lack is basically a strong Union again. But I think this is a society problem as a whole. People in general have become less social and more individualistic and care less for each other. As long as that general trend is progressing, a minimum wage debate is only a drop of water on hot stone.

    The FDP of course is a joke, they'ld need to lay down their neoliberal cloak to gain respect at all again. But I think the current time, doesnt call for liberalism. The average german is pretty fat and rich, as compared to the rest of the World thats why we have time to invest in luxuries like renewables and future mobility. Still the health sector, workers rights and fair wages for all that has been an everlasting problem in Germany. You cant blame only the current government for that.

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    Of course you cannot blame only the current government. After all it was the self-proclaimed left or mid-left parties SPD and Grüne under Schröder who did big steps in neoliberal politics, with lots of deregulation and cuts in social spendings etc.; now in opposition they seem to change their mind, but I am not convinced they really do what they promise when they are at the power again (and they will most likely be after next elections, no matter what CDU will do now).

    I don't blame the CDU that they changed their mind on nuclear phaseout. I think they should have known already before the latest events, but yeah, I agree when you say that people complain politics don't listen to people and then complain that politics are just changing their direction to catch voters is kind of a contradiction. But what the CDU is now debating about minimum wages currently, and their way of doing it (they don't even want to call it minimum wages), doesn't look to me like they take it serious. And their change in mind, at least from what you see in the public, seems to be going a bit too spontaneously, similarily to how they handle Euro crisis. What is not even allowed to think about today is tomorrow already the new plan, and they talk like they were always thinking like that suddenly. That does not seem very authentic to the people.

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