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    group temper tantrum. But thats no flaw of protests but of humanity itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    Protests are obviously a "legitimate" form of of communication. The better question is, "Are they effective?"
    Yes, one can say that without protests, the United States may not have been a country.
    Without protests, India would not have been its own country.
    Without people being outraged, there would be no uprising.
    Without protests, there would be no workers rights, very young children could be working from morning to late at night.

    After all, the whole issue of America (before 1776) was that it was protesting many things it had with Britain.

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    I think when something is going on in countries all over the globe it would be foolish to dismiss it as a temper tantrum. The question is are any viable solutions going to come out of it?

    With that said, I do believe when two opposing views are neogotiating from similar positions of power than it is more of a temper tantrum.
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