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    Default Prisons, under rated freedom and institutional lives

    I dont think that freedom is something people rate very highly, especially when a lot of social interaction, entertainment and diversions can be at least virtually beamed into a single room to begin with.

    Another issue I can identify is the extent to which people live virtually institutional lives too, of the populations which are not in or have not grown up in local authority care there are still large bodies of people who live virtually institutional lives as a consequence of being dependent upon the authorities (I dont simply mean in monetary terms).

    My question is, although feel free to dispute either of those premises to begin with, anyway, my question is, that if those are givens, then how could prisons be expected to reform or punish? Are prisons or the loss of freedom that different from life as usual for the populations of people liable to be sentenced to serve time in a prison?
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    Prison's are the models of which other social constructs are actively attempting to devolve into.

    Its similar to herding cattle all towards the same slaughterhouse.

    Its the oven at the end of the concentration camp road.
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