I'm interested in this, there's been a real paradigm shift, certainly since I've been alive, in terms of what scares people and what the archetypical fears are, what do you think has been the most significant changes or what ones can you think of? What are the consequences?

I've noticed the change, although its possibly the most obvious, in relation to vampires, I was terrified of these growing up, totally, along with the devil they where probably the most terrifying thing I could imagine. I remember creepying and cowering through wax museams because I was so, so scared of the Dracula exhibits coming to life. It was the one nightmare I remember always waking me up. Humanoids, as in some kind of cyborg thing (more like something out of Virus, it is aware, than the Borg, which was just a criticism of techno-communism), and the devil terrifed me too.

Without analysing that much I can say it was something that other people in my peer group where scared off too, maybe not as much but anyway, now there's been a lot of things besides it which probably influenced the paradigm shift too (like Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Ann Rice) but Twilight has finally transformed the archetypical terror into a sort of X-Man like super hero.

I've noticed a similar trend or shift in social attitudes toward perversion, what is perversion? Does it even exist anymore? I noticed this because of discussions about horror writing and particularly Clive Barkers horror writing, the shock value and horror value of perversions isnt just exploited in his Hellraiser series and films but they are the most well known maybe (Cabal, which was filmed as The Nightbreed, was also a hell of a lot more sexualised and perverse in the book).

So what do people think?