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Thread: Gaddafi Is Dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    He had it coming. If you live by the sword you die by the sword. Simple as that.
    We like to believe this.
    But sadly it is not always true.
    I could probably give more than a dozen examples proving this statement is false.
    Such as the death of Idi Amin, which is probably one of the best examples to what I said taken from the last century.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engineer View Post
    And the thread spirals into the inevitable bleeding-hearts vs. murderous-thugs dichotomous wank session...

    Gaddafi was an evil man.
    Gaddafi is dead.
    There's no dispute about either fact.
    Sure there is.

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    That's an insult to animals.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    I find it hard to maintain that man is not an animal.
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    Looks like a pack of dogs infected with rabbis imo. I've seen this before, so wasn't surprised.

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    Unhappy Murder

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    He had it coming. If you live by the sword you die by the sword. Simple as that.
    We have two pictures. The first is of a healthy and helpless prisoner. The second is of the murdered prisoner.

    On top of that, intelligent and educated Libyans are calling for the extermination of his family, and have already begun the gruesome murders.

    We proceed as we have begun. And if we begin in murder, we continue in murder.

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    Or is he? /dramatic sting

    ...Yeah, probably.

    ...Did he ever get a trial?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viridian View Post
    Or is he? /dramatic sting

    ...Yeah, probably.

    ...Did he ever get a trial?
    Yeah, his executioner brought his pals the judge and jury with him. Judge shot him in the chest and Jury in the neck.

    In the spirit of shitting all of over everything people hold sacred I have to side with Victor on this.

    And there is the mantra, with racist overtones, that the Qaddafi government is using African mercenaries, which rebels repeat as fact over and over. There have been no confirmed cases of that; supposedly there are many African prisoners of war being held in Benghazi, but conveniently journalists are not allowed to see them. There are, however, African guest workers, poorly paid migrant labor, many of whom, unarmed, have been labeled mercenaries

    A Reuters team saw a rebel pick-up truck in Tripoli with three dark-skinned men in the back. One of them told Reuters he was from Nigeria. He sobbed as he said: "I do not know Gaddafi, I do not know Gaddafi, I am only here for working."

    Rebels are suspicious of people from sub-Saharan Africa because some have fought on the side of Gaddafi's forces.

    When Amnesty International delegates spoke to several of the detainees however, they said that they were migrant workers. They said that they had been taken at gunpoint from their homes, work-places and the street on account of their skin colour.

    None wore military uniforms. Several told Amnesty International that they feared for their lives as they had been threatened by their captors and several guards and told them that they would be "eliminated or else sentenced to death"

    This is less American Revolution and more French Revolution. I have doubts that the next regime will be much better than Ghadaffi as far as civil rights goes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antimony View Post
    One of my friends was basically like- so what's the big deal? They are just going to get another dictator, and I don't see what difference it makes.

    She essentially said the same thing about osama.

    It's true. While I'm all for a good old fashion rebellion, I don't see how much will change in any of these countries. They're all vulnerable now and the organization/dictator de jour will be on it like white on rice.
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    He's dead, the looting of Libya can begin.

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