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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    There's a wife-carrying competition in Finland...
    Now this made me literally laugh out loud!

    Are there any size restrictions?

    Can't believe that anything so insignificant required a law in the first place and then had enough significance to warrant overturning the law. The mind boggles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleyward View Post
    I was browsing other web pages when I saw this forum. A while ago, I also read an article entitled "Florida lawmaker seeks to make dwarf tossing legal again". It was Florida State Rep. Ritch Workman idea in order to deliver jobs to the little individuals who are scuffling daily. With HB 4063, he might just do that - by delivering dwarf tossing back to bars. This hasn't set well with those who find dwarf tossing demeaning, naturally. But I believe this is a better way of tapering off unemployment to those with dwarfism. =) I definitely support this bill!
    Then you are just as deluded as he. What a joke this whole thing's almost like a self-parody.
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