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    The Two Occupations

    There is a strange symmetry between Occupy Wall Street and occupying Iraq and Afganistan.

    The are both occupations and Wall Street supports the occupation of Iraq and Afganistan, but does not support the occupation of a little park in Wall Street.

    It's a strange kind of symmetry. And although the two occupations mirror each other, they are actually asymmetrical. In fact we could say that Occupy Wall Street is a parody of occupying Iraq and Afganistan.

    And as we watch, the occupation of Iraq is coming to an end, and we are preparing for a sea war in the South China Sea.

    So I wonder what is the mirror image of a sea war?

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    there is no discussion about this.

    The issue is this video and spread it along.

    I also took initiative to see if the part on where the German propaganda was being decitful. Turns out they were. Although quelle surprise right remember WW2?

    That's the link to the proof of propaganda. Spread the video and proof of propaganda!

    The mainstream media tries to make the blind floower think it's an issue about class warfare and 99% vs 1% but that's bullshit. watch the video and take time to understand everything
    1+1=3 OMFG

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    I'm a supporter of the local Occupy Tacoma, my sister is an actual occupier, and I defiantly like it. It's resisting imperialism, exploitation, and the tyranny of corporations.
    As a communist the idea of the working class rising up against the 1% is great to see.
    It is a rising of class consciousness, a gross realization of where we as citizens are in the grander scheme of the system.

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