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    Default Feathered Dinosaurs

    Savage peacocks menaced early man!!

    Or so it seems, anyway, this over turns A LOT of story books and even science lessons from when I as younger, although I was always a little skeptical about how snakes or lizards turned into birds to begin with, what sorts of impressions do revelations like this make upon you?
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    in related news...

    -Ancient turtles moved lightning quick, had long legs, lacked a shell, and were covered in Cheetah fur

    -While abrosaurus can still technically be classified as an herbivore, paleontologists have established that foliage of the time was sentient and bulging with blood

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    Thanks for the serious, informed rebuttal.

    Understanding changes all the time. When I was growing up, dinosaurs were considered slow, cold-blooded lizard-like creatures. By the time Jurassic Park came out, our understanding of them was that they were more dynamic and more related to birds. This really is not that a shocking new discovery.
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    Makes perfect sense, feathers seem far more comfortable for Jesus to ride on.

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    Shocking, no, but it is interesting! Fascinating that they speculate that feathers were used for show BEFORE for flight-- that would be a very interesting example of evolutionary co-opting. "Oooh, feathers make me attractive to the opposite sex! But look at this, they're also useful for flying!!"

    Also I love that picture. I saw some feathers like that at Michael's yesterday when I went to get some craft supplies. I chose peacock feathers, but I might have chosen differently had I known that the long pointy ones were actually DINOSAUR feathers!
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    I'm surprised that this thread isn't about the recent discovery of dinosaur proto-feathers perfectly preserved in amber.

    It has been known for many years that small theropods had feathers or feather-like structures covering at least parts of their skin. Many fossilized imprints of feathers have been found but now, for the first time, we know precisely what they looked like because we have perfectly preserved 80 million year old samples of it.

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