“I like a future. To see the future is grand. In addition, a true visionary conceptualizes the gifts of man. It gives us hope to march on our journey of faith, hope and the ultimate perseverance. Part what having visionary qualities can entail is being able to see, feel, and visualize. I want fervently for a chance of possibilities of the human consciousness and as well heart, and brain. We are so gifted.

The human race really is a tragedy, but it has the makings of a glorious future, if we but dare to dream and to believe in ourselves as well each other. This is a culprit, we judge, never truly understanding what is in the other person’s heart. If we could only begin to understand, this is why I am in the field of psychology to understand, and to fix. For I want a future for our unborn children and god help me I will do everything in my power to make it so.

We can determine our destinies based on our determination, will power, and fortitude as well an undying belief in ourselves. Nothing can stop us from marching forward into the future and meeting our destiny. The destiny of who we were destined to be and become. I want to give them a rainbow but also reality. We do not know how to think as incredulously as that may sound, for we were never taught. It is a fine new science and a bright frontier, a frontier of possibilities, and becoming that which we were destined.

We happen being so interrelated; we need to stop fighting our self and begin dialogue with the future view. Wouldn't it be great that as children we were allowed to develop our gifts? Wouldn't it be great if we were tested as children to discover our natural gifts? Wouldn't it be great for parents to allow children to come into their own and not try to change or control the child's natural river bed of growth & development?

To many tines parents seek to change, control, or alter a child's natural development. This upsets "flow". This upsets balance. This upsets the natural order of things. This is why I am for parental training as well as child development courses to be implemented.

Parents can "warp" their children so easily out of profound ignorance.
I am for discovering flow in children & people in general. I am for nurturing flow in children and adults. I am for being in a society in FLOW and a renaissance of the human spirit! This can't happen under the current status quo. There need to be a profound change in both education & human & societal consciousness.

‎It is right to not let us overwhelm ourselves. If we looked at all the struggles we overwhelm ourselves with the daunting challenges, we must in effect surmount to initiate change. It saddens him how we are not living to our potential. We can prevail. We must. We shall move forward. Those who seek to stop the steamroller of progress will be forgotten as if they never existed. They happened to be guided, nay ruled by fear, being overridden with it and not vision.

We can determine our destinies based on our determination, will power, and fortitude as well an undying belief in ourselves. Nothing can stop us from marching forward into the future and meeting our destiny. The destiny of who we were destined to be and become.

Children are our hope and future and yet I do not see them being helped to actualize! PEOPLE, this is intolerable. How are we ever going to get to the next level? I do not understand the lack of caring and action from us and our politicians. This saddens me and burdens my heart.

This should not be so, and it need not be so. We are (so it has been said) the greatest nation on the planet. It is time we started acting as such.
Why do we continue the cycle, like gerbils on a treadmill? We are not headed toward a bright future. Children are our hope and future. The ills of society are perpetuated and perpetuated! Do we honestly "think", "feel", and "believe", that things will change or get better?

Especially, without our continued involvement! Children are our hope and future. We need to revamp the school systems! I don't want to hear that we do not have the money, or the resources, to help our most trusted, and valued precious resource!
This is the aim of the Montessori & Waldorf school system.

The child already, each of us has the wisdom locked away in us. The answers are within. These school systems allow the developing child to come into their own. If we had the wisdom of hindsight at birth we would know our birth mission and pursue it faithfully.

But because we get misguided even distorted knowledge, finding ourselves is a long and tortuous road of self-discovery. We are born blind and many of us stay that way our whole lives. What a waste of human potential mixed in with gut wrenching unnecessary human misery of incalculable proportions. If one is lucky, enough to be born in a happy family this more readily is accomplished. If one however grows up in a dysfunctional family where perhaps, and I say perhaps love, nurture, nor empathy were taught, received or modeled then the child has a lifetime of pain. This is not so readily forgiven.

Reality stays the same. It matters not the age or even race for their happen being primal lessons needing to be overcome in every generation. We don’t learn so much from our past but relive the horrors of being human. Things, that is our lives as well ancestral life in a minute sense of the word; stay similar.

Upon time immemorial dialogues are discussed about degeneration of the future youths. It is comical to read texts from the ancients reflecting and stating opinions that are still discussed with anger to this day. Education, I've stated it many times in innumerable threads. Education and child rearing, along with parental education is the bottom line, it happens to be the root, the heart of the matter.

It makes so much sense. Again, it's like the pink elephant in the room or the emperor with no clothes in the room. We all know the answers but not enough resources are put into it. When will there be a rise in consciousness and demand for social action and for these areas to be first acknowledged and them acted on?

I know we can conceivably have a renaissance, a rebirth of the human spirit with a will and a focus and a drive. It takes a paradigm shift. It takes changes in consciousness as well as awareness. Come on we put a man on the moon and built the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project. Later we resolved our will and resources for the manufacture of the hydrogen bomb. Why is it we can make and build engines of destruction but not marshal our forces for the good of society? Is it fear based? Must our primitive emotions be triggered to impel us to take action?

We also marshaled a country for war against two giants of military might, both Germany as well as Japan. Prior to WWII we were not a superpower. The powers were Germany, France, Great Britain, and the U.S.S.R. We were not prepared for war when it hit us at Pearl Harbor on that infamous day. Yet we marshaled our forces and overcame great odds of herculean proportions. We can again.

We need a leader or many leaders, leaders with a vision toward a great America. Moreover we have to want a better society to make the changes needed in how, when and if we are truly committed to making the changes that are essential and absolutely, imperatively needed and essential to make and keep this great nation of ours, in which we live in, great.

We all live here. We all have a stake and a voice. We must make the pivotal changes needed in how we do things and how we think of ourselves, our children and our future.” LightSun