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    Default C : Change

    “Every step of the way has been resisted, fought, and tested. The freedom of slave's, a women's right to vote, civil rights movement. Why do we seem to halt progress rather than embrace it? It is partly fear and uncertainty. If we could but have leaders, we could trust.

    To see the future is grand. It gives us hope to march on our journey of faith, hope and the ultimate perseverance. Without challenges we cannot grow as effectively. It is our interpersonal relationships which are true tests of our character, will power & poise. If we react negatively we are immature. Moreover we are angry. Still deeper is deep hurt. We are incomplete and so fight the world.

    The challenge is to deal with life's challenges with more decorum, but it hurts, or is not fair. The true battle lies within. The more rational a person is the less distorted they are, and hopefully more balanced as well as happy. I have been told I have a gift in insight, both in myself and of others hidden motives. It is a wonderful gift, but it does not change the world, but passion surely has a capacity to do so.

    This is to say affect changes and make a profound difference of our lives. It is a process of a seemingly paradigm shift, changing the consciousness that we can behold. We will then have a possibility of seeing reality with fresh eyes and a purer mind & consciousness.

    Even wanting to change and become a better person, does not necessitate an actual occurrence of the desired change will occur. For we seem to fight ourselves. It is a phenomenon. It is as if we as children have been molded into a shape. To change we have to figuratively metamorphosis into a new person.

    It will be a battle on many fronts. People with passion and ideas shall march forward. It is a matter of organization as well as perseverance and sticking up for our principles. We as a species resist change for it is both painful as well very difficult.

    So the reformer has the vision of a brand spanking wonderful future, but will be resisted. We as individuals seek to maintain order, clarity, and consistency within our lives. To go against status quo is profoundly resisted. We also largely live in a moment by the minute sort of basis.

    This is to mean we react vs. plan for contingencies. Of course reading psychological profiles, there are some types who consistently perform rather well with a solution focused and a more future oriented base. Nonetheless we happen to be guided very much by emotion, in a sort of pain-pleasure paradigm.

    We seek avoiding any pain (change), while seeking gratification with worldly pleasures. Many are of an illusion type. When we die are all hours spending on immediate gratification such like sex, clothes, money, possessions, food - will or can it avail us (I mean in excess)?

    I according with Maslow and also Csikszentmihaly go with a "flow" and or seeking "peak experiences," as my optimal level of seeking a "true" life experience. Or call itself actualizing potential as well as in developing my latent gifts as more fulfilling than chasing illusionary type distraction in life. This is how I see society today.

    We need desperate remedies if we are to survive if we are not to go the way of the dinosaurs. Not only thrive, but actualize. I believe in the renaissance of the human spirit. We should focus on humanity, health and happiness as the true quota of human success. Not monetary value but human.

    We should focus on meeting the basic elements of the human condition, .such like insurance, child care etc. All of this is needed instead of cutting corners to save a penny and almighty dollar at the expense of the human condition.

    Our minds in generality are geared toward today with some immediate pleasure vs. planning for contingencies that may happen or not. Otherwise we of course should be ruled by and large by reason. Not the insanity of giving in to emotion, like anger.

    We seek a thrill, or pleasure and damn consequences. We would not ruin the environment if we were so proactive and we certainly would give more attention to children, & education. We put off the responsibilities of a tomorrow by living today.

    Education, I've stated it many times in innumerable threads. Education and child rearing, along with parental education is the bottom line, a root and the heart of the matter. It makes so much sense. Again, it's like the pink elephant in the room or the emperor with no clothes in the room. We all know the answers but not enough resources are put into it.

    When will there be a rise in consciousness and demand for social action and for these areas to be first acknowledged and them acted on? I know we can conceivably have a renaissance, a rebirth of the human spirit with a will and a focus and a drive. It takes a paradigm shift. It takes changes in consciousness as well as awareness. Come on we put a man on the moon and built the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project. Later we resolved our will and resources for the manufacture of the hydrogen bomb.

    Why is it we can make and build engines of destruction but not marshal our forces for the good of society? Is it fear based? Must our primitive emotions be triggered to impel us to take action? We also marshaled a country for war against two giants of military might, both Germany as well as Japan. Prior to WWII we were not a superpower.

    The powers were Germany, France, Great Britain, and the U.S.S.R. We were not prepared for war when it hit us at Pearl Harbor on that infamous day. Yet we marshaled our forces and overcame great odds of herculean proportions. We can again.

    We need a leader or many leaders, leaders with a vision toward a great America. Moreover we have to want a better society to make the changes needed in how, when and if we are truly committed to making the changes that are essential and absolutely, imperatively needed and essential to make and keep this great nation of ours, in which we live in, great.

    We all live here. We all have a stake and a voice. We must make the pivotal changes needed in how we do things and how we think of ourselves, our children and our future. If it is hard for you to "change", then how can you "realistically" & rationally believe that you can "change" another human "being"? Knowing this truth could prevent so much misery.

    People are always seeing to change others rather than look within. It is extremely difficult to change, even if one wants to. It is almost impossible to change another human being. The "changes" have to come from within. What one can do is: State your boundaries. State your feelings. State your position and wants, wishes, & expectations etc. Do not seek to control the other. This is negative energy. It will come back your way if you seek to impose your "will" upon another human being.

    I believe in a change of government (at least massive government reform). What that change may be, I do not really know. This is a serious issue as well as problem. I unfortunately see the status quo ruling and not wanting to give their power up. What is mine is mine. Folks we need to work together in order to fulfill the greatest good. The people with money on a never ending task to make even more money. Money & riches pursued at the expense of the hardship of people.

    A money issue, rather than a people, healthy, happiness issue. “Really there happens to be a terrible mal-distribution of the wealth of our country. What is of paramount importance is education for all the people. It makes me angry a people give multi-millions upon billions to a certain sequestered segment of our society. At the same time we are not addressing the needs of our young generation, nor have adequate and humane health care in this great nation of ours.

    It is certainly no excuse in our country for the aspect of poverty. There is not enough funding or importance placed on education. Every day children run hungry due to poverty. We do not take care of our environment. We happen to be quick as well ill-advised in deciding to go to war. Never mind that the human mind is not built in witnessing repeated trauma or being an actor being caught up in a traumatic situation and environment. This is especially if it is recurrent. A whole host of societal issues await us.

    There needs reforming as well evolvement in our consciousness. In Eisenhower’s day one person made an income adequate in taking care for a whole family. Now even two person’s working together cannot keep up and make ends meet. We also addressed the entire infrastructure in the United States in the 50’s era. Now all of the government institutions happen to be going bankrupt and we are hopelessly over indebted.

    A rich powerful lobbying group and interests keep allowing a small percentage living as a veritable emperor and not paying taxes that is needed if this country is to remain vibrant. Come on, no person’s work is worthy of such fortunes. It is inequity of massive proportions. I say the people who by the grace of God who are making all this money hold it only in trust. We are a Christian nation. We supposedly are labeled as such yet to not live up to the standard which Jesus proclaimed.

    Jesus preaches from an avenue of the poor’s perspective and the downtrodden. He said, ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man (or woman) to enter the kingdom of heaven.’ Riches and also having too much power can corrupt, just look at our institutions. As a ‘Christian’ nation we must work for the interests of all.

    We are all interrelated beings, Gaia principle. Unfortunately or perhaps realistically, we all live our lives in tiny enclaves, away from the rest of the planet. This is where big government steps in and creates national and state parks. But this is not enough. I suppose it's like global warming. Many people don't believe or don't care! Again, this is where government can step in and help direct the people in a direction that benefits everyone.

    Some will have gripes and complaining, "Oh I don't want to do that", or "that's not fair", or I don't want to pay for that", or "big government has no business in my business,” griping all the way, and blind to the BIG picture. We have to experience deep rooted pain. For with a change, indeed all changes there are a risk of enduring a pain. We instinctively avoid this pain, even when it is in our best interests.

    Until somehow we can override this fear complex chemically or by some other terrific means we will be enclosed in a prison of our own making, and that is what the mind is willing to endure, and what it is not.

    Change can and is very painful, but it is necessary. I just wish there was not so much violence and resentment. Change is very hard. Trying to achieve change is like whispering into the wind unless someone can raise our social consciousness with tales of grief & woe to stir our dormant & latent passions. But how, how to achieve this is the frustrating part perhaps someone can write a book to usher in a needful paradigm shift.

    Or there is a state of emergency, where immediate action is required. Or perhaps someone can direct a film. I want to be an agent of social change. Why can we not change with compassion, instead of fear? It is a simple heart felt question that should have an easy and ready answer. New things scare people.

    This is why the young are more revolutionary. They see things don’t work and think they have all the plans to change things for the better, even resorting to violence. After all they can feel invulnerable, strong, and virtually impervious. Plus they happen not being enmeshed by illusionary qualities as wealth, a house, multiple possessions, a spouse and family, responsibilities as bills, so forth.

    As a person grows stronger one finds oneself chained by invisible chains like the materialism in the world. They then also become the guarding force in their stone castles protecting the very things that possess them. Change is always difficult because we are comfortable doing things a certain way. We can resist change even if it is good for us in the long run.

    We must voice our concerns, we must be acknowledged, and heard, and then finally the hard won steps of action. One of the best and most unique ways to change behavior is to video tape oneself and see how one really looks, acts, & behaves. It's like a wakeup call. Of course a person must be willing to change, grow, & actualize. usually one won't because change is hard. Unless there is an incentive, one will not pick up the gauntlet and attempt the greatest “challenge in life", and that is changing self. For this is where the great battle lays.

    If a person is on a dissimilar journey then they have lessons to learn which are different from yours. We should be cognizant of this and not judge. For he / she who judges, only fools self which is a tragedy. Why is it a tragedy? We are so blind searching for the light and when we judge we only lengthen our journey. We must voice our concerns, we must be acknowledged, and heard, and then finally the hard won steps of action.

    Each of us possesses a unique perspective when reality is in question. There are or happen to be deep rooted beliefs (true or not-at best half-truths). It is senseless to argue with another and shift their consciousness. This is achieved through experience. What is a point in a useless action that only brings distress to both parties?

    In general I have learned that you can't have a conservative and liberal argue and for there to be a shift in consciousness. It goes out in one ear and out the other. I have changed my mind through life experiences with an evolution of thought, and a coming into my own. I am beginning to see multiple viewpoints and understand their different languages of thought and perceptual reality.

    Change is difficult and painful. In fact I would not say change so much as grow. It almost seems that we have different animal spirits: bear, puma, raccoon and so on. It helps define us. We don't so much change as evolve and grow constantly throughout
    our life. There must be a first step. Is man irreparable and messed forever beyond redemption or hope? Have my programs of teaching cognitive discipline and emotional intelligence yet being taught and in addition implemented?

    Is there premarital counseling established in place? Was the gift of having children merited it out or could dysfunctional families produce children? Ignorance will indeed beget yet more ignorance. Where any of these preventative measures and safeguards put into the right place and time? No, I also know to achieve any as well as all of the measures I described and outlined must be fought for.

    Has science stopped progressing? No and I derive hope from this. Maslow in and his theories alone does not warrant the senselessness of the **** despotisms. To keep it simple: child rearing from worthy (who is to decide worthy) parents and education is a key. Without these two dynamics being met then I by no means am surprised at the lack of progress of a free and functioning society. If and when these frontiers of some of the changes I proposed are, finally, met then new frontiers shall open up and we will have to fight yet again for the rights of each child.” LightSun
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