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    Quote Originally Posted by Tantive View Post
    I didn't, though it looked like it so I started researching. I had watched a documentary about building demolitions a few weeks before, which is why I found it odd it went straight down instead of buckling at the weakened part from the impact.
    Sorry to come at you like that. I'm sensitive about this...
    i've seen the footage, and the physics make sense to me without any explosives. that is what happens when 20,000 gallons of jet fuel combust in a steel-framed building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I didn't really see his desires as so innocuous or noble, based on what info I've seen about him over the years.
    It's not like he's John Cramer in "Saw," you know.
    I don't think there is anything noble about killing people, people who really had nothing to do, directly at least, with his issues with U.S. government. I do think, however, that he himself thought he was doing what he had to do. He, delusional or not, thought he was being "noble".

    What possesses a man to kill people he himself, I'm sure, would acknowledge are largely innocent? Was he crazy? Was he evil? Was he just a "bad apple"? Or was there more to it than that? What did he want people to realize? Did he have a point? What was it?

    I don't have those answers, but I do have those questions. If other people do as well, I don't trust humanity enough to think that others won't follow his lead...which is sad, but whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Or they were assuming a lot more than 3000 people would die, considering how many people could fit into those buildings.
    While it was horrifying that so many died, it was really pretty amazing that so many got out and not more died. When it had just happened everyone was thinking the death toll could be in the tends of thousands, with the number of people working in the buildings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tantive View Post
    I have no recollection where I was when 9/11 occured, but I remember being not suprised at all that this would occur. I had some understanding of Clinton's foreign policy and it's effect.
    I was however suprised about the governments response later, "they hate us for our freedoms, better take those freedoms away(pariot act amongst things)", and that the buildings fell simularly to controlled demolition which raised skeptisim in me.

    What primarely changed for me was how I viewed governments and mass media

    If it was a controlled demolition they would have blown out the basement first, it wouldnt have come down like that, floor by floor.
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    Well theres more techniques then just explosives at basements. Floor by floor placements to break down the support structure so the debris from above gets no resistance as it travels down. This would require the explosives however to have been well placed ahead of time or in construction plans.
    But in any case the event simply raised skeptisime. Wether or not the skeptisime was unfounded or not at the time is not my point. The event led me to look up a whole range of subjects.

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    My Critical Studies class discussed this today. Phrases like "imperialism" and "maintenance of mass grief" abounded, naturally.

    Here in Latin America we remember another 9/11 - the death of Salvador Allende. I guess some are bitter that it's not as well-known worldwide.

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