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Less severe, yes. Less important, no. This is why people start thinking (mistakenly) that because there are no more lynchings and racial violence has been reduced, that racism has somehow been obliterated. Or that the racism that hasn't been obliterated isn't important anyway.
I would say it's much less important. I don't think that racism has, or ever will, be obliterated. It's very natural to avoid people or things you're unfamiliar with, it's important for a small child to not wander too far from his own tribe so he avoids people who look, speak, smell different than his own people. I didn't see a non-white until I was 4 years old. The black kids who lived next door at that time were alien to me, since I'd never had any contact with people so different from my tribe. Years later that's no longer the case, because I've had extended contact with non-whites since then and I've met quite a few blacks who had or have the same problem, which makes it very difficult to communicate with them. /ramble

The point is...you can't get rid of racism because it's an extension of the tribal instincts that most individuals still possess. The best you can do is brainwash kids into believing that everyone in the world is exactly the same except for skin color.