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    This means my ultimate value is that life itself is the point. What's the point of being alive? Life. Plant, animal, and human life. The quality and preservation there of. The happiness and balance of living creatures. To me that is exercising the highest value of love.

    Does that mean you do every single thing that would make you "happy"? No, of course not. But yes general happiness or comfort for the maximum number of living things (human, animal, and plant) is the point.

    I don't know if that makes me a secular humanist, because I care about other living things as well as people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    No I think caring about human beings and human life is sensible and kind, where as murdering innocents for your "belief system" or ending your life over some bullshit is crazy. CRAZY.

    You can make sacrifices to help other people, or to grow and mature, but no, I don't think sacrificing your life or other people's lives is even sane, and I definitely think it's pretty self absorbed. It's like valuing a fucking idea more than life itself.

    Life itself trumps ideas. Ideas must correlate to preserving and bettering life, and if they don't, they're too abstract and therefore useless.
    yeah that is sick.

    Im gonna go with balance of both, if I must choose. its going to be people. people create values and without their existence values have no meaning and are empty

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    You have facts and you have values and the two must run together. I can't really say values are more important because they essentially have no applicability if not understood in terms of what is and isn't possible.

    The notion cannot be associated with all political ideologies, but it can be associated with many ideologies that we probably think of as quite different. It's really just a matter of promoting a desire without regards to any obstacles in promoting it. I'd say it could possibly be called fundamentalism, but that term is quite broad, and surely contains socialists and libertarians, anarchists and fascists, and so on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Just out of interest, would anyone who's concerned about the vague nature of the OP want to suggest their own reframing of it? You know just interesting in how many of you would light a candle or if the preference is simply for cursing the darkness.
    Well, that entirely depends on the direction you intend it to go. One example could be: Describe your single most important value, single most important person (not including yourself), and single most important thing (not including bare minimal necessities like food and protection from the elements). What order would you sacrifice them in?

    Even this is quite vague since value and thing can be interpreted very....ambiguously. But anyway, it's the job of the OP to make a coherent question, not everyone else on the forum.

    If you want me to answer in very very general terms, I would say....people>values>things. But no, not all people, and absolutely not all values, and maybe not even all things would be last. So it entirely depends on the specifics. Call that "negativity" all you want, but the answer is not only wrong but misleading if you ignore the ambiguity involved.
    -end of thread-

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