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    I think New Zealand/Kiwi accent is the most trustworthy, probably because all the people I know IRL who are from there are extremely capable and trustworthy. It's a very good culture, I think.

    The american southern accents holds sort of the same value for me, but I don't know any southerners IRL so I don't *really* know how credible that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    You're apparently unaware of the vast canon of literature by Southern writers. Their intelligence often doesn't come from their verbalizations?

    It's just a less hostile culture, more friendly, trusting, and accepting. Personable.

    Lying may be linked to intelligence but I can assure you that Southern people generally know how to lie, and their honesty is linked to culture, not intelligence.

    I think hard core New Yorkers sound absolutely retarded, ftr (like that whole Brooklyn, Beastie Boys accent). They sound more idiotic to me than any Southerner ever could, so it's all a matter of perception.
    some people mistake speaking at a slower pace for being simple-minded when it comes to the comparison between northerners and southerns (in N. America), i think.

    and, as you point out in the following post, i also would agree that the degree at which your accent is regional has a direct correlation with wealth, education, and provincialism.

    aside from this point-- the only other reason any accent would be viewed as more trustworthy would be through socialization (mainly through media and marketing). i think that is why my friend's recreational gps receiver gives us distance in U.S customary units, but with a decidedly English accent.

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    American Accents.
    British Accents.

    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Lying is linked to intelligence. Maybe that's why I trust simple spoken rural accents more in their earnestness. Not that southerners aren't smart, but their intelligence doesn't often come from their verbalizations.
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    "Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    This may be something which is unique to the UK but university research has indicated that in the UK at least regional accents, such as northern england, scotland and ireland's accents are trusted more than received english pronounciation. It has been linked to the banking scandals and recession but the banks have simply substituted regional phone centres or voice ad actors for english ones.

    The exception being the US apparently which still likes elite english accents, hence the success of films like the King's Speech.
    Depends very much on the demographic of the people being polled/researched: where they're from, their level of education, social class, type of work they do etc etc.

    I like posh (but not super-posh) UK accents...but then, I'm Canadian, although I live in the UK.
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    I find the Southwestern/Southern California native accent annoying. One of the sports radio stations is 710 ESPN. You can always tell the guys from out here when they identify the station: "Sivin Tin, Ee-ess-pee-in." I also don't like the Midwestern tendency to pronounce short-e's as long-a's. Egg = "ayg," leg = "layg," Eric = "Air-ic."
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