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    Default How far divorced from books, film, TV and media portrayals is society becoming?

    I enjoy a good book, novels too, I also enjoy the better TV and films, good and bad films to be honest, although I've noticed lately how far removed most of my immediate dealings and social interaction is from anything portrayed in these sources.

    I mean that in all of these mediums there are at least a few instances in which people are behaving reflectively or make speeches which exercise other people reasoning or thinking. However, what I actually find on a daily basis is less and less like this, I see more and more either moronic or thuggish individuals who have little or no intellect. I'm not talking about intellectualism in the sense of serious philosophising, or even pop philosophising. I'm hopefully not appearing too arrogant because I appreciate the company of average people who arent that concerned about major political or news events but who can carry a conversation and arent just emoting or depending on others to regulate their emotional state.

    Is this a shared experience or unique to me and my circumstances? I'm thinking that perhaps I'm taking a turn for the introverted lately and that could perhaps account for it because if I want to find much intellect or dialogue I've got to go to books or sometimes forums online rather than people in person.
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    My screenwriting lecturer at university said that film is "a slice of a slice of life". It portrays rare and even extreme circumstances, not everydayness because frankly if we wanted to see something that resembled our own experience too closely we would be bored to death (and it would be much easier just to take a look around). To a degree it is a similar story with the other mediums but not quite to the same extent. It does depend, however, very much on what sort of programmes, films and books you are looking at. There are plenty of writers and directors who value the ordinary above the extraordinary; some even despise it and pursue 'truth' and 'reality' with ideological fervour.

    I do understand your frustration. Reality can be so disappointing but you should at least take comfort in knowing there are artists out there creating these works, that are pausing to reflect on life in a similar manner to yourself. There are people out there who view the world with greater complexity, they're just harder to find. I try to remember this when I come across such people, so that I don't take them for granted.
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    the "slice of a slice" in all matters media is something that I see as well. everything has a pattern even if that slice is a full slice or a whole pie, there is a pattern and its redundant sometimes. its a matter of imagination, maybe jumping tracks briefly and then switching back(breaking routine).

    stagnation sucks. at the moment, Im playing with some math and reading some books on sociology.

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    I feel as though a lot of mediums to a fair job at recreating characters that can reflect real people. Maybe not situations, necessarily... but maybe it's also where our focus is when we interact with these different mediums. I personally like to focus on people and characters. In books or television, etc, I can generally become far more pulled in if elements of what real anxiety, frustration, happiness or nervousness are shown in them. Or even parodies of such.

    Reality tv? Most people in a reality show seem very far removed from real life. I don't understand why this genre continues so strongly.
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