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Thread: School Rules

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    Oh, I thought of this thread yesterday. My daughter actually wet herself at school, poor kid. I got the call from her teacher at around 1:30. Evidently she had left the classroom, and while she was gone my daughter had to go. Ordinarily she would just ask (there are no rules about when she can go, but she has to have permission) but she was afraid to go without asking. Eventually, one of her classmates said "Why don't you go ahead and go, and if Susan gets back while you're gone I'll tell her you went to the bathroom." So she left but it was too late- she totally peed herself.

    Evidently, the one obnoxious boy in her class was laughing and pantomiming her, others were going along with it, and a small handful of the kids were trying to comfort her. (I did make a mental note of which ones did what. I'm watching you, obnoxious kid- always watching.) So her teacher let her leave the classroom until I got there. When I got there she was sitting in the hall on a bench, on a plastic grocery sack in her wet pants. I took her to the bathroom to change, and gave her the option to leave with me, but she wanted to stay.

    I'm glad you feel good about your decision, Sub, and I'll bet your daughter will thank you- if not now, when she's an adult.

    (Also, what the holy hell is up with karate chops being "racist?")
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    (Also, what the holy hell is up with karate chops being "racist?")
    I guess playing "KungFu Fighting" on the radio must really be out of the question!

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    Sub are you still homeschooling?

    I have had it with our school and will start homeschooling our son again as soon as I get my "card" back from the Dept. of Non Education. I also want to home school our oldest daughter but my husband and mother think I would be making a mistake since she is doing well. I just don't like our schools politics and found a great secular homeschooling group that gets our kids together so they are socialized. Loads of field trips and the moms seem cool as hell (not drones like the other retarded moms I come into contact with).

    I am wondering how difficult it would be to home school a second and third grader? I plan on starting out at 3.5-4 hours daily. Is that enough? We are considering using eTap online which is about $50 per month for the family.
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