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    I have absolutely no problem with this. The extent to which something is inappropriate for children is analogous to how damaging it is to their normal development and current/future mental health; happiness and cohesion with societal norms are assumed to be 'healthy' for the purposes of this discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    Are you jealous of their big breasts? Are you infertile yourself?
    No for either!

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    In a world that believes that anything can and should be packaged, marketed, and sold, breastfeeding is easily spoken of as a matter of mere "choice", but the lack of breastfeeding is in fact considered to be a serious global public health issue by virtually every medical research organization on the planet. Certainly, a doll like this will help to normalize the currently abnormal art of breastfeeding in the Western world by teaching the most impressionable about a of function of their bodies that is not as easily replaced as it seems, and which is in fact just as important to their future child as the womb from which they came and the air that they will breath.

    It is OK to feed artificial milks to our children via plastic bottles because we've been socialized via mass marketing to believe so, and artificial milks do have their place; but, there are long-term implications when we fear talking to our young about sex, yet also portray the act of mothering/parenting as an extension of consumer behavior, and furthermore, something very easy to do(just stick a bottle in "its" mouth and go). But no, adequate mothering is a costly investment in intellectual, emotional, and physical time. There ought not be any issue with helping young boys and girls begin to understand that reality through play. After all, we still manage to produce thousands of babies who, no sooner than leaving the playroom, go on to produce their own babies.

    Of course, many little boys will be interested and want to wear this feeding halter. And lucky is the future breastfeeding woman who has met a man informed about such matters and is capable of appreciating breast outside of the realm of his own personal excitement.

    And by all of this I mean, it's not a matter to whether or not the doll is weird or natural. Apparently it's both. A move in the right direction.
    There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I suppose I resent that there are so many toys geared towards girls being in the mother-housewife role. There is nothing wrong with this role, but you just don't see the same for boys. How many toys encourage "fatherhood" as a role for boys? I'd like to see more of a balance in this area.

    That said, I am NOT creeped out by public breastfeeding, I do get sick of seeing breasts over-sexualized, and I can't grasp why other people are grossed out by a mother feeding her child. I only think it's inappropriate to breastfeed in an area where any other person should not be eating (because it's distracting or rude). I suppose if the doll is emphasizing the main purpose of breasts, then that is good. I just find it an odd thing to "play" for a little girl.
    I agree very strongly. Almost too strongly. I'll elaborate...

    I have a problem with the concept that little girls need to learn how to breast feed babies. I mean, they need to. Ok, business as usual; let's socialize little children into accepting their imminent future as a mother - since that is obviously what every little girl is going to do; it's not like they have options of not having kids, adopting kids, or in some way failing to follow traditional gender roles.

    Of course it's not bad to see breast-feeding portrayed as something natural and non-sexualized. Breast-feeding is good, yay. But adults need to know that, not children! It isn't children who are saying, ew, look at that mom breast-feeding; gtfo. Well, I'd hope not, hehe.

    There's nothing wrong with a child playing with this toy. But there is something wrong with a society in which parents train their girls to be mothers. I loathe the sharp gender dichotomy in children's toys and how they train kids to adhere to gender roles. Society pushes and pushes and pushes for girls to be moms - it is their god-given role in life, obviously. Society does not present many other life options with anywhere near the same degree of insistence. But for boy, they're going to be engineers, construction workers, racecar drivers, superheroes, dinosaurs (haha, I kid) and so on, which, I mean, of course, few of them literally end up being. But fathers? Naww. Boys aren't socialized into taking care of babies. I feel like the way children are reared so differently based on their gender contributes to the problem, creating and reinforcing a gender dichotomy that would not be so strong if society did not insist that it is. Gender is not something that just exists, it is [created and reenacted, and people who don't do it properly are pressured to.

    ...I could have worded that better. And in a much more objective way. Hm. I guess my argument would be something like: it is wrong to socially train girls to follow social norms and to follow a set life path that will determine their future years and years from now. But obviously there is the opposite viewpoint that it is good to be socially adjusted and conforming to gender roles. There are a lot of problems with this topic. And basically everything ever, but I'm getting cynical now.

    (...on a side note, I'm kind of glad that when I was growing up, I played with cars and blocks, dolls and dress-up clothes, stuffed animals, and everything. But did it effect me? idk)

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    I view menstruation as a natural process that should be communicated openly with my someday daughter, but I wouldn't buy her Period Panties that simulated menstruation with red corn syrup substitute that have the optional Disney-Princess maxi-pads accessory so that she could play grown up.
    I was about to construct a logical argument against this doll, but I think Iwakar drove the point home pretty nicely here. lol.

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