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    To the supreme court for this decision.

    Honestly, I see nothing wrong with minors (read: individuals under the age of 18) being able to purchase or own violent video games. Hell, most kids my the time they're 13 have probably played/seen something that involved extreme violence, whether it be TV, movies, games, etc. The same principle could be said for sexual topics in video game media, but that's another matter entirely.

    Not to mention, there's no harm in allowing kids/teens to play violent games; I for one played Resident Evil 4 (an M rated shooter) when I was only 15, and it had no ill effects on me what so ever (except I'm now a serial killer ). I've also been watching R rated movies and South Park since I was a kid, like so many other of my peers. Thus lessoning restrictions on violent games is a good thing, cause minors are already use to such forms of media.

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    To me video games and movies should have a very similar, if not exactly the same, rating system and should be sold the same way. Seems simple enough to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    Saying you shouldn't buy a kid a console because they could have access to a violent video game is a bit extreme. There are plenty of clean, perfectly safe games children can play without Bulletstorm violence or Heavy Rain sexploits.

    YES the money is USUALLY with the adult.. but how many kids did you know growing up that got money in other ways? I still say the parents would have an easier time of it if the kid needed the parent there to purchase the game. It's the same shit but with less outrage.

    It is much easier to say, "Look Parent. M-rated games are not sold to anyone under 17/18. So if your kid has it, it is on you. If it is rated Teen, we didn't sell it to a 5 year old. So how about watching your damn kids for a change." Than it is to say, "Look Parent. I know it's totally legal for your kid to buy this game behind your back, but you should just be a better parent you lazy fatass."

    Take as much blame out of the video game market as possible.. because they shouldn't be blamed for everything the way they are.
    I grew up in a family where I did not get any allowance. I had to ask my family for it, and if I did, I had to explain why. If the answer was no, the answer was no.

    Of course my family had a game console when I was a little kid. Maybe the games back then may have been "less graphic," but I didn't succumb to being some tyrant going around school shooting people. Heck, you can even think Bomberman may seem violent back in the day.

    And I've been playing anything from side scrollers, to shooting games, to fighting games, to RPGs. All with and without too much violence.

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    I thought this study was interesting: The School Shooting/Violent Video Game Link: Causal Relationship or Moral Panic?

    In the last 10 years, following the incidence of serious acts of school violence—particularly multiple homicides on school campuses—much attention has focused on the potential causal role of violent video game exposure. Some scholars have attempted to draw links between laboratory and correlational research on video game playing and school shooting incidents. This paper argues that such claims are faulty and fail to acknowledge the significant methodological and constructional divides between existing video game research and acts of serious aggression and violence. It is concluded that no significant relationship between violent video game exposure and school shooting incidents has been demonstrated in the existing scientific literature, and that data from real world violence call such a link into question.
    I wonder why more people haven't considered the possibility that the increasing violence of video games isn't the cause of desensitization among youth, but a shared consequence of a progressively desensitized culture. ...Consider who's making the games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    I'm confused. You aren't allowed to see R rated movies if you're under 18, either. Or maybe that's just around here?
    They can watch it with someone who is, no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    They can watch it with someone who is, no?
    I'm guessing so. the same applies for video games, of course.
    -end of thread-

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    It's interesting to me that the supreme court votes on both sides were bipartisan.
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