I didnt actually hear about this until dinner time today when I put on the TV, which is how ill informed I choose to be sometimes, watching Game Of Thrones rather than the news.

Belfast is about an hour of so's drive from me, without wanting to run the place down because I've had some good nights out there (even been to an illegal speak easy there) its also the only place where myself and three friends were mobbed by a group of teenage drinkers and assaulted. Its one of the only honest to God street fighting incidents I've experienced, which wasnt like fighting at school or fighting neighbours, and it was rank unpleasant. Belfast is also the home of so called "recreational rioting" where mobs of kids, some as young as twelve, have been out on the street fighting, pretty much, anyone, people who can be identified as the "other" community, outsiders, cops, anyone.

There were good pieces on the radio discussing youth and community workers serious efforts to put a stop to street fighting taking place after cross community football matches (sometimes among fans, sometimes among the teams even) and detailing how when police arrested kids in possession of baseball bats they discovered that parents had driven them to the grounds, now do you hide that sort of "going prepared" behaviour?

This shit really bothers, especially in the run up to the summer and the orange parades, it makes me fearful that someone is going to get shot dead again, probably a random Roman Catholic, as used to happen during the marching season when the paramilitaries were observing ceasefire.

While they are all still observing ceasefires there were shots fired during this rioting and exchanges of fire. Which means whatever decommissioning took place was incomplete or someone has passed out weapons from some store, in anycase weapons arent that easily available whatever bogus episodes of Heroes or any other fictional source would suggest.

I dont believe that a bloudy shooting war would be in anyones interests and struggle to see what the hell is being achieved here.