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    Quote Originally Posted by Architectonic View Post
    How do we know this 'article' isn't just a glorified marketing press release?
    We don't, but then again, we don't know much of anything, let's just be perfectly honest. We know nothing.

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    Yay, shortnsweet! Thanks for being our undercover agent!
    Something Witty

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    Quote Originally Posted by violaine View Post
    This kind of service doesn't offend me. Each to their own.
    That's what I'm thinking. On the surface at least the site seems 'equal opportunity beauty' and is offered in many different languages. Now, if it started turning into a Stormfront kinda website (you know, neo-nazis) and only 1 race or very light skinned people were being voted 'beautiful' and the rest booted - that would be an issue. But hey, they're "inclusive" and just trying to get a groovy love fest happenin' with 'beautiful people'. As for the IQ test dating site, I think that sounds neat.

    It would also be different if you signed up to a 'regular' dating site and suddenly got booted for not being attractive or educated or interesting enough. Then you could be wtf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenaphor View Post
    Since we both get mistaken for dudes online, maybe we can join as pretty men?
    Our hair is far too long to pull that look off :c

    Conceding that the latest set back was a "very embarrassing day", Hodge said he felt "very sorry" for the "unfortunate people who were wrongly admitted to the site and believed, albeit for a short time, that they were beautiful"
    is it me, or does that seem very trollish???

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post

    is it me, or does that seem very trollish???
    It seems like a joke. I keep saying this is a joke. The Wikipedia article says the owner was inspired by Zoolander.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyboy View Post
    I signed up for the site, just to see what types of people use it. We'll see if I'm accepted... *crosses fingers* /sarcasm
    I've seen your pics. Chances are you can make the cut.

    Then you can fink on them and let us know all the dirt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Architectonic View Post
    How do we know this 'article' isn't just a glorified marketing press release?
    Who knows? It's been done before.

    And now the simulacrum has become the real, we are lost within self-referential loops of reflection reflecting other reflections, and we no longer have any idea of what the real truly is.
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    You know.. I don't have a problem with things like this.. but I also don't feel bad at all when bad things happen to people like that.

    With people like that joining, I'm surprised someone hasn't created a "We fell in love due to the Shrek virus! If it hadn't hit I'd never have met Ugly McScummerson!" story for publicity. :3
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    Rachel Godfrey, a 31-year-old Australian nanny living in LA, said she received an email telling her she was rejected two weeks after being accepted. "I was getting on really well with this American guy and we were going to go on a date and then they said I'd been chucked off and they locked me out of the site," she said. "Now I can't get in touch with him."

    Godfrey said she is planning to have a makeover and professional photo shoot before reapplying to the website. "What if he's the one? This is only way I'll be able to get in touch with him," she said. "If that doesn't work I'll see what I can do with Photoshop."
    ROFL, what a pathetic primate.
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    Meh, it's hard to get worked up over this. It sounds too elaborate just for a joke. Anyway, they're doing their things I'm doing my thing and never the twain shall our paths meet. Welp, back to doing quizzes on OKUgly.

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    I tried to log in this morning,and got this message.
    Due to recent extensive media coverage, the servers are experiencing latency issues. In response we have had to limit applicants from browsing the site.

    The Sign up process remains fully operational, and we remain open to all members.

    We encourage you to sign up to by creating a profile; giving you access to exclusively beautiful people; locally and from around the world.

    Please check back later if you wish to browse as an applicant.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

    Kind Regards
    BeautifulPeople Team

    If you have just created a profile and were forwarded to this page, your profile was registered correctly.
    The front page also listed all the news stations/ papers they've been noted in.

    I'm pretty sure that article was set out for press purposes. Also, the "about" beautiful people is kind of funny, specifically this paragraph. (I laughed at the bolded.)

    Over 700 couples have been married through unions founded on Thousands of people are in committed relationships and many have gone on to start beautiful families. Everyone on the site is attractive, so there is a lot of chemistry between members as seen at the regular events and parties hosted through

    Many of our members have been ‘discovered’ and have secured lucrative positions in TV, modeling and acting careers.

    BeautifulPeople has also become a playground for the aesthetically blessed for those who seek adventure, chemistry and if partial, a less serious approach to dating!
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