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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    No.... he was not saying that you deserved to be slapped, anii. He was saying that building a fire when the sole point is to conserve energy (and not pollute) is deserving of another person to slap their own palm to their own forehead at the irony (I can't seem to think of a word for this!) of the situation. You can google the meme "facepalm' if you wish to have a visual of this.
    I should have looked that up myself. I just assumed that since anii interpreted "facepalm" that way, that she knew what it meant. Sorry about that, sassafrassquatch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anii View Post
    Are you threatening to slap me?

    That's inappropriate.
    Jiminy Christmas...

    Facepalm =

    As for hating, enjoy yourself. Sooner or later all those toxins will kill you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sassafrassquatch View Post
    Jiminy Christmas...

    Facepalm =
    Alright, I retract my question/accusation.

    Quote Originally Posted by sassafrassquatch View Post
    Hmmm. Well, I reviewed your list of hated things and unfortunately I had to agree on most of them.

    Be that as it may, I see your harhar raspberry and I raise your awareness on the importance of wearing pants!

    Here, put these on:

    There's reason to be afraid, and reason to open your heart. ~ Seal

    Refreshment for your ears:

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    Lights out is not only symbolic but it does actually lessen 'energy consumption' and make an impact. Even 100,000 people (especially on the same grid) doing it at the same time for 1 hour = massive savings and reduction in energy consumed. It takes energy to make energy. I remember some techie hippies coming to school and explaning it takes 20 liters of water and 20 kilowatts of electricty and 2 gallons of fuel to make 1 plastic bottle or something crazy like that totally went over my 4th grade head (I couldn't even properly picture '1 liter' and I didn't understand what they were talking about re: "it takes this much energy to make this much energy")

    Also, it's a time for meditation, the same reason you have quiet time for contemplation like savasana (the final pose in yoga for meditation) or any other time of the day for mindful contemplation. It's also common in different mainstream religions, though the lights out concept is not for repetence/atonement per sae, it is in a way making a sacrifice for a greater good, to show your commitment (to ecologically sound practice? the earth? etc.) and again to become more mindful of daily indulgences and 'basics' and things we take for granted and how dependent and even wasteful we are.

    To appreciate what energy means so we use it more efficiently and perhaps realize that we don't need that 1 hour of TV or that leaving all the lights on in a room when you aren't using it is unecessary.

    I read an article about a non-hippie, fashion magazine writer who did 24 hours with no power and it was really interesting hearing from a 'laymen' and not someone associated with hippies. It took them 1 hour to unplug everything and they kept getting surprised at what they forgot. I think they also unplugged the phones and lighted candles, did not do chores like laundry, woke up in 'natural time' (b/c their alarm clocks were plug in) and lit a lot of candles. The writer said the entire transformation on the feel and temo of life totally changed, even in the limited space of their apartment and for the limited time of 24 hours. It was very eye opening and made the couple very mindful of the daily things they take for granted.

    So yeah, I think lighting a fire is fine.

    And I doubt the organizers of the day wanted people to shiver miserably in the dark listening to the howls of wolves closing in. It's not supposed to be an unpleasant experience. Enviro-anarcho survivalist terrorists are kinda an extreme fringe minority of the mainstream 'green' movement and the organizers of such days like 'no lights out'.

    I'm sure a natural scientist (or someone who works for the electric company, har har) could break it down, but I'm pretty sure even with a lighted fire, unless you're throwing paper and toxics into a huge bonfire, is still going to make less of a (negative) ecological impact than firing up all those generators or whatever it is that creates the electricity magic.
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