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    Money represents potential, kind of like energy

    It represents human effort

    A human can only do so much, and this can often be represented by the resources at his or her disposal, money being a significant component of the whole of this pool of resources

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    I have rather expensive taste, but I'm a social work major. Go figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I remember reading once that an obsticle to setting up and establishing successful businesses can be that the individuals involved are unused to increased income and spending, so they run a franchise or enterprise like they would a household or individual spending habits and fail.
    I can say this is definitely true for me, or was at least. I think it's a lot harder if you're self-employed and just a one person business compared to having people depend on you for sustenance to not spend loosely.

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    Money is an indispensible tool for relatively high living standards, and a representation of the value consumers place on your contributions to their personal utility at any particular point in time. Its also indispensible to free exchange, whether practically or in the ideal sense (yes onemoretime, I remember that thread).

    My personal experience with (relative) monetary earnings is interesting; I actually spent the majority of my childhood feeling like I was lower-middle class in a predominantly middle-middle to upper-middle class social environment, while in actually I was solidly in the upper-middle class in retrospect (this has no bearing on my future earnings potential, btw); my parents never told me what my father's earnings as an engineering consultant (my mother was a homemaker my entire life, though she was an English teacher and social worker before that) were that high, and we never lived an extravigent lifestyle (Campells vegetable beef was a typical dinner). I later found out that this was apparently a generational phenomenom, as my mother had assumed that my father's parents were poorer than her family (college-educated professionals since the conclusion of the Civil War), when in reality they were simply frugal, hard-working, and unpretensious, like most upwardly-mobile piedmont Crackers. I actually take after my mother's family, though I'm glad that my siblings with children take after my father's side of the family.

    Its interesting in retrospect to have had classmates who looked down on my hand-me-downs (from my elder sisters, no less), while their parents were living beyond their means and jeapordizing their children's future.

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    Money is a necessity in a large, complex society. Bartering or centralized allotment don't cut it for the most part.

    That being said, it is kind of surreal that people murder and enslave to make money. Money is the world's biggest game of pretend. It is worth something because we all agreed it's worth something, and that's it. Never the less, I can't really think of another way to do it.

    Money is only evil in so far as it's probably the most direct link to power in modern society, and you know how people are with power.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    Live and let live will just amount to might makes right

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    I'm a bit of a natural saver, and have an horrendous fear of debt (personal debt - business debt is different, and can be healthy). It's very rare for me to feel like a purchased item is giving me more satisfaction than what keeping the money would have entailed, unless it's either good foor or books.
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    People mean everything to me.
    Money is but a universal resource for us to achieve the quality of life we decide is necessary for ourselves, which by the way changes over time.
    You can replace any material possession if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.
    You cannot replace a person once they die.
    So, I stopped obsessing over money a long time ago.
    I have always been hardworking and industrious.
    I am crafty.
    I am resourceful.
    Money does not concern me.
    I get alot more out of life focusing on the people who are dear to me.
    No amount of money can ever come close to the value of my time with them.

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    "Enneagram is psychological underpinnings. Cognitive Functions are mental reasoning and perceptional processes. -Sanjuro

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    It's just stuff. Don't let stuff get in the way of relationships, don't be too attached to it, and make the most out of what you are given (because everything is a blessing)

    One time I overheard a conversation a couple married friends were having. One wanted to move to a more expensive place they had lived in previously. The other said "If you want to go, we can go, Its just money, we can make more"
    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    St. Stephen took rocks and St. Sebastian took arrows. You only have to take some jerks on an internet forum. Nut up.

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    When walking around the shopping center as a kid I used to tell off my mum - who is a big spender - for buying things she doesn't need. I don't like wasting money needlessly but have no problem spending it if I see a point behind it (which can be getting an item of good quality, buying someone a present to foster a relationship etc).

    I am certainly not frivolous with money (if someone bought me an expensive present they couldn't afford I would force them to take it right back, giving and receiving gifts is my weakest love language so I wouldn't be impressed anyway) but I kind of stop caring about having money as soon as I have as much as I need and a little bit more, what's the point of just amassing more of it for no good reason?

    I don't have a taste for luxury, for example I travel cheaply because the people I meet are what make my travels for me, not the expensive bedspreads I sleep on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    What is your attitude to money? Either as an institution or simply as means? Is money for spending or saving and what do you think has influenced your attitude towards it, family, friends, culture or incidents which have lent perspective to your life?

    I remember reading once that an obsticle to setting up and establishing successful businesses can be that the individuals involved are unused to increased income and spending, so they run a franchise or enterprise like they would a household or individual spending habits and fail.

    Considering the accounts of the health trust I work in I know that the figures are collossal and I would think seriously about the spending patterns if I were in a position to do so and command that, I never will be and I know that there are other bureaucratic and career scheming which influences that anyway. It did make me think about it and lent me some perspective when my accountant buddy told me the numbers he crunches.

    Another example could be the till roll that someone posted in the random thought thread a while back, it was hundreds of thousands of pounds spent in a single night in, I presume a fairly exclusive venue, it seemed obscene to me and I would not consider myself a particularly frugal or serious spender.

    However, my brothers and particularly my younger brother who works two seperate jobs, have both commented on my saving and said that I do save a lot more money than them, it certainly is not a case of money in and out each month, I like to save more than I will spend and take satisfaction from that.

    On the other hand I'm conscious that in a crisis money can be devalued, to that end I've bought books enough to do me if I lost my job and dont have many other expenses besides.

    I dont renew my wardrobe each month and dont buy big ticket items like cars annually, I dont own or watch a TV, I dont really go in for expensive speak systems or other conspicious consumption trappings. I also dont drink or smoke and I'll be honest that's as much to do with expense than health concerns.
    Lark. A wingless bird.
    You are so open.
    I respect that.

    Is greed and avarice less evil than smoking and drinking?
    Is it Catholic to contradict the scripture?
    It is.
    Is it Christian to contradict the scripture?
    It is not.

    The poor in Ireland gave their money to the Church.
    It is therefore they remained poor.
    Did Jesus ask the poor to give their money to the rich?
    He did not.
    He asked the rich to give their money to the poor.

    Look at the birds in the air.
    They do not sow or reap.

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