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Got to be honest the thing in Victorian parliament that is scaring me more than anything right now is this: http://www.starobserver.com.au/news/...tections/53633

Good buy equality in law, hello discrimination in law.

WTH is going on over there?!?
They're turning into Phoenix, AR?

I'm guessing VIctoria must have been kind right-wing to begin with? I originally was going to say if it's a local ordinance on swearing to follow a 'when in Rome' mentality, then I just won't visit (not that I was planning to). In other words I thought the swearing ban was more preaching to the choir or codifying the existing norms or taking a stand for show against the 'uncouth big city world'.

Now, if the ban is in *reaction* and trying to stem the tide of rampant swearing well...that's a little different. It's more confrontational and dictatorial.

Hmm, makes me think Sarah Palin would love Victoria.