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    We all worry about personal identity theft, but while we were not looking, our tribal identity was stolen. Yes, the identity of the tribe of typologycentral was stolen for a while.

    Without typolgycentral we don't know who we are as a tribe. Thank heavens we still have our individual identities to fall back on, otherwise we would be completely disorientated, we would be cast into the outer darkness and our only alternative would be violence.

    But thank heavens individual literacy came to our rescue. So all those years of compulsory schooling are finally paying off. When our tribal identity is stolen or lost, we can light our way with the individual candle of literacy.

    But imagine you are an illiterate member of a tribe and you lose your identity. It is a catastrophe and we can only restore our tribal identity by attacking another tribe. And for the Middle East the Jews perform that function.

    But there are many illiterate tribes and they all need to maintain their identity by trbal warfare. Unfortunately today thay have access to AK-47s, rocket propelled grenades, artillery and are seeking access to chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

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    The first thing we need to establish on the internet is our presence. We do this in our profile. This tells everyone who we are. This is how we establish our identity electronically.

    But if we belong to an illiterate tribe, as so many in the world do, the best way to establish our identity is by violence.

    We see this now every day in Syria, where a number of illiterate tribes are establishing their identities. And naturally they are establishing their tribal identities through violence.

    And in Afganistan, the Pashtun tribe are establishing their identity in the global village by their ancient and well tried method of violence - only now they have AK-47s and grenade rocket launchers.

    Without knowing who we are, we will take any expedient to establish our identity.

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