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    Default Propaganda - How to be an efficient marketeer

    Ok so I've got fringe involvement in local politics and I'm getting a little irritated at the institutionalised thinking they display.

    Basically the theory is amongst the group that you campaign one of two ways, either you post leaflets through people's doors (the design varies from individual to individual) or you establish "Voter ID" where you ask people how they vote, record it and then target certain voters with direct mail or phone calls making sure to phone them on election day.

    Neither system I see as particularly well thought out so I challenged a few of the people arguing over which system should be employed. What I found is that no research had been done in to what was effective and what wasn't further than "I used this kind and I won that year" as isolated examples. No one has done any research at all or asked any of Jo Public.

    So anyway I figured you guys are eminently qualified to give opinion on this idea (don't let me down now) with combined interests in human behaviour and politics. Of course it won't hurt that most here come from the home of the door to door salesman that is the USA

    So what have you seen or thought of that works best at convincing people to primarily vote and secondary to choose this person as their representative?

    Personally I've suggested they move into this millennia and use some electronic media but that's going at a snails pace (not just cause the person doing all the writing is an ESTP and hates writing stuff).

    Thank you for your assistance.
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    Here you go:

    I don't have access to some of those journals though (only typical academic subscriptions such as Wiley, Sage, Science Direct etc).

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