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    Default Nato strike kills Saif al-Arab Gaddafi

    "A Nato air strike in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, has killed the son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a government spokesman has said."

    "His son Saif al-Arab was said to be killed, as well as three grandchildren."

    This is worrying. NATO can say goodbye to some of its public support, and the risk of Gaddafi doing something potentially harmful to Western citizens has increased.

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    Yikes. Children being killed is fucked up.

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    Interesting. I must confess, I was suspicious this was another one of your jokes.

    Sucks that kids were killed... I've heard nothing bad about Saif-Al Arab, only that he liked to be isolated from politics, and preferred to have a normal common life( I must do research here).. I don't see why this was necessary.

    If anything, this is going to piss Gaddafi and Saif Al-Islam off even more.

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    Do we only have the Libyan government's word for this?

    I'm not saying it must be a lie, I'm just saying the Libyan government sure loves telling porkies and is smart enough to know what will help them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Yikes. Children being killed is fucked up.
    What about not-children?

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