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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post

    I respect the individual and not the office but that's not restricted to the police, or even civil authorities, by any stretch of the imagination.

    I've known about or experienced close to first hand rank incompetence amongst officers here in NI which bordered on being complicit in crimes, resulting, at least, in the securing of convictions or even grounds for prosecution becoming an impossibility. That's pretty serious when you consider the public safety consequences, which itself is before you even consider things like the satisfaction of victims or their families.

    There isnt much satisfaction anyway, there being a lot of law, not much justice and the legal monolith becoming more and more of an administrative exercise with no real ramifications for anything other than the grossest violations of reasonable behaviour in the most unambivalent circumstances. Although in fairness such an objective and sobering an appraisal of law and order probably grates decent law enforcement professionals as much as decent citizens.

    Although that's my bugbear with the police, or is more likely to be my bugbear with the police, than believing them to be villains in uniform, persecutors or malign powers (Training Day was a good realpolitik movie though, again applicable beyond police work). The legitimacy of authority can be questioned if it is proven weak as easily as if it is proven corrupt or malign.
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    Translation: Sometimes cops don't/can't do their job because the legal system is shit. This can annoy even the cops themselves.
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    Had a strange experience with a cop late last year that made me realise that I trusted cops too much, even in personal situations.

    At present, I respect the uniform for the high risk job they're expected to do. But once it moves to personal, they're people like everyone else.

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    I think cops are, unfortunately and fortunately, like the trash bins of humanity. Of course, trash bins are the dirtiest, and yet some of the most useful, furniture in the house.

    On a more serious note, the women are pretty butch.

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