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    Like I said in the other thread, I have to take a break. But I just wanted to point out: The SSA quote contains a couple different timelines for action. One of the main timelines by which the SSA measures success or failure is a 75-year window (mentioned in both paragraphs). In other words, this is a long-term, multi-generational issue. The SSA is doing its job keeping the issue out in front of the public, which is good. But the system is hardly on the edge of collapse. Again, these are slow, predictable demographic shifts.
    Slow and predictibale, maybe. But if we wait too long, the say the costs will be higher and the burden spread out over fewer generations. Perhaps "collapse" is too strong a word. But I certainly wouldn't want to be a Gen Y'er forced to bear the brunt of a much harder burden because the Boomers and Gen X'ers did want to take on an easier burden. I think I am technically gen X'er, and will be saying what you are when it is my turn .

    Quote Originally Posted by FineLine View Post
    They definitely have to be addressed eventually. But I think it is important to stress that the system is hardly teetering on the edge of collapse at this very moment. It's just that the system has to be watched. Like I said, misalignments are actually part of the design of the PAYG system, which means a constant process of tinkering with the system across the generations.

    Otherwise, great post and good debate, Ygolo! I enjoyed myself this afternoon.
    Well, I was hoping to make it to the university library, and make things even more interesting, but I got distracted. I need to go today, since one of my books got recalled before I went on a business trip, and it is probably have a hefty fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiddo View Post
    That's heartless. I know SS is in serious trouble but it doesn't do us any good to bitch an moan about it now.
    What's so charitable about being generous with other people's money?

    I mean, not that I care about the money so much... but people seem to equate these social programs with charity, and they're not. They're income redistribution at gunpoint. If it's not charitable to advocate them, it's not heartless to oppose them on principle.

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