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Thread: Smoking Ban

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    I'm blowing smoke in all of your faces RIGHT NOW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    The problem is that nicotine is highly addictive, particularly delivered by smokiing. And to break an addiction we need all tha social support we can get. And the banning of smoking gives that social support.
    ...whether they want it or not.

    Because, you know, the government knows much better than you how to make these personal choices...

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    Not to be too contentious but having visited the states, smoking bans are a joke. Your cars.... they stink!!!

    Having said that, they banned smoking in many places here a while back and now that pubs have stopped going out of business it's not too bad. However the one place they SHOULD ban smoking is in your car. Over here you already can't smoke if the car is used for business purposes (including white van men taking the van out at the weekend with the family) but after they put laws in place about hands free kits and all those warnings up about speed, tiredness and distractions how can anyone claim that having something burning in between your fingers is a good thing for concentration? Plus, on winter nights with the window rolled down... how the hell do you NOT snap the damn thing at the filter when you've got gloves on? No really... I've tried like a million ways...

    Seriously though, I pull over to have a cigarette. Personally I'd rather enjoy it than rush it but that's just me. I'm just thinking it's a bit weird that talking on the phone is such a big no no but trying to light a cigarette and potentially dropping it causing you to look down at your burning crotch and hence not see the bus as you cross into the oncoming traffic is not a distraction we should worry about...

    Oh and you can't ban smoking. I think you'll find the taxes would be missed. That's why over here they're only half hearted about getting us to quit. They seem to know the NHS would fall over without the money coming in from poor saps like me.
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