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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    This is an Arab war, not an American one.
    I don't think you can technically call it either one.

    Each country has its own shit going on without it directly spilling into each-other's domain. Its more of a civil war in Libya atm, than anything. America did not, in any way, start it. It got involved. Like all the other countries did. To call it an American war would be false, and to call it an Arab war, would be just as false. This is a Libyan civil war, with military aid from multiple countries.

    People tend to focus on America, because its the "big man on campus"; The world loves to hate on it.

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    The basic point still remains that America has little if any business getting involved. We've already made our peace with Gaddafhi, and he's no longer our enemy. Intervening in another country's civil war is a messy affair either way you look at it. I could see reason for us to intervene in the war in Mexico for example, since it's our neighbor - but even then, our intervention there during the Mexican Revolution in persuit of Pancho Villa didn't turn out well.

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    I don't know from geopolitics so whatever, but isn't there something going on North Africa right now? And it's new. These kinds of political changes...

    What was the timeline? Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Bahrain, etc?

    And the first two were easy. But why? Why did the dictators leave so quickly? What's going on there? They had fast rebellions and now the amateurs are in charge. This is a good thing.

    But why?

    If we knew, then US navel-gazing over your constant use of hard power could be dispensed with, at least a little. You're by far the biggest force in the world, but not the only revolutionaries anymore.

    Lord, even I'm doing it now. Let's make it not about YOU, okay? Let's ask, what are the North Africans up to, he? I don't know. I'd like to. What's going on over there? The US military intervention looks like turning it into a far more conventional revolutionary zone than it was last week. Last week it was civilians against failing governments that failed suddenly and completely. This week begins something far more conventional: we'll see the conflicts move into a more institutional state, they'll become longer lasting, less newsworthy, and include months and months of slowly rising civilian and non-government population deaths. Standard state-of-the-world fare. Thanks, US! But what was going on in the region last week?

    Just a pair of countries coming to the end of one stage of their organisation, and the rest is violent window dressing for the Arab world as normal?
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