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    It'll be the "Great Disappointment" Part 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiki
    The Great Disappointment was a major event in the history of the Millerite movement, a 19th century American Christian sect that formed out of the Second Great Awakening. William Miller, a Baptist preacher, proposed based on his interpretations of the prophecies in the book of Daniel (Chapters 8 and 9, especially Dan. 8:14 "Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed"), that Jesus Christ would return to the earth during the year 1844. A more specific date, that of October 22, 1844, was preached by Samuel S. Snow. Although thousands of followers, some of whom had given away all of their possessions, waited expectantly, Jesus did not appear as expected on the appointed day and as a result October 22, 1844, became known as the Great Disappointment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    It'll be the "Great Disappointment" Part 2.
    And another posthumous Darwin Award is handed out.

    I am content with the fact that I will someday die. I am just concerned about what is going to happen in the 5 minutes before that happens. Will I be mercifully asleep? Will I be crashing in a plane? Will I be running for my life from the caldera erupting in Yellowstone??? Will I be drowning in a horrible jelly bean incident??

    It's no wonder that I am an Insomniast.

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    A lot of New World Order conspiracy theorists predicted stuff would happen at the Olympics but nothing did so that decreases the chances that stuff will happen later on this year but the only way to know for sure will be to wait and see but perhaps it would be best to live as if nothing will happen even if something will.

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    I don't believe the Mayan story on Dec. 21st, 2012, but their culture was still highly creative and ingenious in developing an awesome calender.

    I'm hoping there will be some good close out sales so I can go shopping and find some really good deals, but I know that's wishful thinking.

    I still enjoyed the 2012 movie and got into it. But no, I can't see anything like what happened in that movie happening in Dec. 2012.

    Now an economic collapse, that's another issue altogether. That's the type of doomsday I see on it's way.

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