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    Just say "no"

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    naturally they will show people who are retards and that why got into problems with drugs on these "educational" tv shows.

    i have seen many different drug scenes and people who use or have used drugs.

    basically how it goes is that only retards, already troubled people and naive people start to do hard stuff. they start with cannabis because its pretty much the only stuff they can get their hands on when they are young and just starting. if you arent a retard, but like to smoke weed you need to hang out with these people most likely to get weed, because they are the ones who do it daily, sell it etc. now many kids this age are pretty naive(even if they would otherwise be quite smart) and might try out other stuff like mdma and valium etc with these troubled kids and might start to like it, but not all will continue it and just do it at times. some will get sucked into it because the troubled kids who you had to hang out to get weed start to do it more often, like first instead once a month, they start to do it at weekends, then during the week, but this happens so slowly and seems so cool that you lose your perspective. its pretty much the same than with alcohol, alcoholics rarely start to get totally wasted daily after they first drink too. soon mdma turns to amphetamines, cocaine and subutex(opioid thats used on heroin withdraws symptoms). funny thing about subutex is that its not that strong if you snort or eat it, so its not really all that big of a deal, but soon it starts to lose its potency, so you might want to start injecting it after a while. at this point the perspective is totally lost and why not do some heroin also at times if you are able to get some(its not so easy to find in finland, thats why people use subutex). now once you already get used to subutex, and get hooked on heroin, theres pretty much nothing you can relieve withdraws with because you already got so high tolerance for subutex. but then there are these people who do everything, but dont do it daily(except maybe smoking weed, but usually people who do alot of hard stuff cant smoke weed, because they have ruined their psyche with hard stuff so badly that weed makes them flip out totally), and try to balance on being addicted and just barely holding it together somehow, but usually drink daily. so they are pretty much addicted on getting fucked up, but doesent have clear addiction to any particular substance.

    this is why i think its really bad for weed to be illegal, it just gives people access to hard stuff when they just wanted to smoke weed.

    but then there is the whole another side of drug culture where people smoke weed and do psychedelics and will never touch any hard stuff in 99% certainty and if they do, its just some rare special occasion like it is to these kids who started with it, but these guys are older and wiser and therefore know whats this all about and doesent have so fragile perspective about it. weed is home grown or grown by some friend, psychedelics are ordered online, grown at home or from someone who knows still knows some old friend who has access to everything you want. these people usually see druggies(as in people who use hard stuff) similar way as regular people see alcoholics living in some gutter and know that they dont want to be like that and most likely they might also know some drug addict, so they know thats its not a fun thing to do. some of them smoke weed daily, some of them smoke only on the weekends. its not uncommon for people to stop drinking alcohol completely, because to a regular weed smoker alcohol feels like a hard drug and they dont even think weed as a drug since its milder than alcohol(weed works quite differently on people who have grown some psychological tolerance to it compared to people who never smoked, and even between first timers, the effects vary quite alot). so weed is seen more like one or two beers after work usually by these people.

    then there are these weed smokers who do it like once a month or like that, who really dont seek it or grow it and just smoke it if someone happens to have some and might not even smoke then if its not a special enough case.

    this is how its in finland, and dunno if its same in usa or other countries.

    i havent done any hard stuff, other than tried shrooms few times(but they didnt work much for some reason, i blame my rock solid psyche), i think psychedelics are fun, but i dont seek them really, last time i did some was year ago when i ate some morning glory seeds(that didnt have much effect on me either, and worked pretty much like weed, but more clear headed). i have tried bentsodiazepines few times, but i dont really care about them, could do them again if someone offered, but they dont really work any better than two or three beers on me, so i dont mind just buying those few beers. i dont rally view those as hard stuff, betsos arent much different from alcohol, so id put them pretty much on the same level(except if you do them daily, they are more addicting than alcohol), also i think psychedelics are totally different thing than traditional drugs, imo weed is a psychedelic also, but very mild one. with weed, i can go months of not smoking and its not a big deal, or i might smoke few days 24/7 and its no big deal to stop, usually i just smoke when someone has some weed for me to smoke or buy a little(i pretty much only buy if someone happens to have some for sell, but i cba to look for it). im too lazy to grow it anymore and i dont think its so big of a deal that i would waste my money on it often. i have smoked daily for quite long period and i just noticed that when you smoke it more often, its not working so well anymore and it becomes something that you just do, instead of something that you really like. i mean naturally you still like it, but the effect change when smoked daily so that it doesent feel so special anymore, so i rather smoke on more rare occasions and get better high, than smoke daily and barely get any feelings from it.

    btw. mdma and ecstasy are the same thing.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd Girl View Post
    Just say "no"

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