I've decided that there's a relentless roll right taking place, since the eighties the neo-liberal agenda has been totally unchallenged, I dont simply mean that the left has fragmented into a number of minority or alternative lifestyle support groups or that left wing parties have all abandoned anything resembling left wing policies but that the right wing has totally held intellectual sway.

Both academically and popularly the right wing has all the best arguments, its got teen spirit but its also got appeal to the older, more wary electorate too.

Not just by mobilising fears or apprehensions about outsiders or "others" but connecting and relating, whereas the left hasnt just lost the argument for there being any alternative it seems to have gone off into an intellectual wilderness to contemplate some really abstract questions about the meaning of life.

While there's been some curious cameos to this political vacumn, a Marxist historian in the UK commented that the RCC was one of the sole skeptics about capitalism at the end of the ninties (and that's saying something in a church which had more or less purged itself of liberation theology by then), the courts in the UK are now pushing a homosexual agenda now that its not really that controversial outside of radical immigre communities which dont speak english (not that this agenda is going to bother neo-liberalism anyway). As a popular movement the left in the UK is a dead letter.

There are national differences, like in the UK there's nothing like the diverse or disparite conservative factions there are in the US and people dont really grasp what Cameron's big society is besides an excuse for cuts or the ideology which cant speak its name, ie small state, but pretty much everywhere the right is in the ascendency.

This appear to be what's happening from everyone else's perspective or do you see other things afoot or simply dont care? Does anyone see anything halting or reversing this trend? Because I only see crisis or collapse giving it greater impetus to be honest.