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I'm quite aware of what real guns can do, as are 99.9% of people. If you are referring to the drug lords and children in Africa fighting drug wars with AK47's then I am pretty certain they didn't have toy guns growing up. They were coerced in some way to join the fighting. It has nothing to do with toys, which is the topic of conversation. All my friends and I had toy guns or used our fingers if we didn't. We weren't stupid enough to think that real guns don't kill people. Give me a break. It's just what kids do (here), like playing football, baseball or riding a bike.

Is America gun crazy? Sure, I agree. I'm sure it looks even more so from your perspective in France. People like guns for different reasons. Hunting, collecting, sport shooting, self defense, paintball, airsoft etc. Me, I have no desire to hunt any animal and frankly I hate to see animals like bears hunted for sport, but I understand when deer herds need to be thinned. I guess at least that is more humane than bear traps though. I find guns interesting from a historical and engineering prospective, but I have zero desire to be involved in war myself. Fact is, guns are here to stay, and if people weren't using guns to kill each other they would be using swords, arrows, rocks, chemicals or something else.

Much of the violence and "gun abuse" is a direct result of the illegal drug trade IMO. If they were made illegal, I wouldn't mind that much, but all I am saying it toy guns don't lead to murderers. Nor do video games.