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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    The end result is that Obama is up by about 100 delegates, but it's still a close race.
    It's actually mathematically impossible for Hillary Clinton to catch up to Obama without taking all of the upcoming contests 70% to 30%. Her March 4th "victory" only gave her 4 delegates on Obama. She has no chance. However, because the Dems will have a deadlocked convention, the delegates will eventually be able to vote for whoever they want, and that could go either way.

    I can't wait to watch all the schisms in the Democratic party.
    But sir, your opinion is wrong.

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    I prefer to avoid CNN and don't care for most of their coverage, but the general issue of how the campaign has been covered as you mention applies to pretty much all the news sources (even NPR). As for myself, I don't really start to find it annoying until they get into the tedious breakdown of demographics (boring would be more descriptive, but boring for a prolonged period becomes annoyance to me).

    As a bit of a political junky, I usually watch an hour or two of coverage on MSNBC when I get home (Olbermann and Abrams) as well as The Daily show and Colbert Report and ocasionally listen to talk radio as well as non-profit radio stations. I think anyone like me is/was already decided a long time ago, so I really wonder how much psychological impact all the current media hype has on results (how many of the undecided voters also keep up on political news, and what issues actually matter to them if they do?). I think stuff like The Daily Show, Colbert Report and the recent SNL skits probably have as much or more influence (and probably truth too) as actual news coverage.

    At least in this phase of the election, a lot of the news does seem to be just rehashing of the same thing trying to find some new angle on it, so I think if one is bored/annoyed with current coverage, it would be easy to just watch once or twice a week to stay informed of any noteworthy events. Of course if someone wants non-political news, ouch, I don't knwo what to recommend then.

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