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    Quote Originally Posted by Mempy View Post
    Let's keep talking. This is really helping my research project. It's helping me see how I can best organize my paper so that it's understandable.
    Hi Mempy,
    Good luck with your project.

    Also I wanted to say that looking at this situation, one should not only look at history but also the future. As we know religion and politics are intertwined in both Islam and Judaesm, a lot of this conflict has to do with the future issues as well.
    There have been many predictions about the so called arab/israeli conflict, in both religions.
    The Islamic view point is that Prophet Jesus will come back and kill the Anti Christ (whom the Jews called the Messiah) and free Jureselum.
    The Jewish point of view is that their Messiah is the true one and there would be a battle at this place (forgot name but its in their holy book) it will be called Armageddon.

    There will be majoorrrrr war taking place. The Christians will support the muslims against the Jews. It will get bloody. Long story short...Jesus will kill the anti christ.
    So Jureselum has also future links to all three religions (CHristians, Jews and Muslims) and not just historical and political significance.

    To read up more on is a link:

    The Signs of Jesus' (pbuh) Second Coming - Harun Yahya

    Hope its of benefit.

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