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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Don't forget the (often illegal) immigrants, they tend to fill those jobs in most western countries.
    Yeah, and they make excellent soylent green!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    My point was that an educated populus benefits everyone, and that public education money is money well spent.
    If you believe that, PLEASE, start paying 33% of your income to the government...PLEASE.

    Seriously, I am literally RAPED by the government for NOT producing kids. It's like the lower your impact the more you must pay for the choices of everyone else. It's unfair, but you can't really do anything about it, because those that are exploiting me are those with the power and numbers to do so. It's easy to pick on the minority.

    So, would you enjoy losing 33% of your income? That's more than what I pay for all my bills... every. single. one. For what I pay in taxes you could house and feed at least 4 four-person families in Wyoming. Think about this.

    I am, once again, in a position where merely getting married to someone that did nothing at all would mean I'd take home more than enough money to pay for their expenses, and there would probably be some left over. With what I could save on taxes, I could put someone through college...

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