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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    So how's your prison population looking? Overcrowded much?
    That only illustrates that our system of punishment is poorly realized. It does not mean that the principle is bad.

    If we don't like prisons, we could simply require restitution when possible or inflict equal injury to the perpetrator if necessary.

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    The red tape involved with the death penalty, tends to make that option even more expensive than gaol.

    People put down pets when they become violent. Is this humane?

    The fact is that there is no ideal answer to these questions.

    The methods depicted in 'A Clockwork Orange' don't look so promising either.

    Gaols themselves are academies for criminals. Some offenders even prefer life in gaol and will re-offend (typically robberies etc) to stay there.

    Nor will discussion of the incentives of punishment resolve the problem either as psychopaths don't care about such consequences or have an irrational belief that they won't get caught.

    But the solution is still to prevent such things from happening in the first place. But how? There is no clear way of identifying those at risk of offending without creating additional averse consequences. Yet this is the problem that must be worked on.
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