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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt. Spalding View Post
    Cheering us along is the usual band of western “super powers” – namely the French and the British.
    If I'm not mistaken, France recognised Kosovo's independence before the USA did. In fact, I think France was the very first nation to do so.

    The list of people opposed to this declaration is much longer: Greece, Russia, Spain and Serbia just to name a few.
    Again, unless I'm mistaken, the list of countries in support of Kosovo's independence is much longer than that of those opposed to it. It's just that only the "big names" get mentioned.

    All of this noted, I think there is a bad precedent being set here. If I remember correctly, Serbia allowed UN peacekeepers into the region partly on the agreement that Kosovo would remain a part of Serbia. They have just been lied too. Now every UN Peacekeeping force that moves in to an area will be looked at with suspicion. And it is understandable why.
    If we are talking precedents, then I'm afraid Serbia's precedents must also be taken into account: illegal attack by the Serbian-dominated Yugoslav army upon Slovenia after it declared its independence, illegal attack upon Croatia after it did the same, atrocities committed on the people of Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and so on. Ironically enough, when Croatia claimed its independence, Serbia even tried to claim the independence from Croatia of Serbian-populated Croatian areas. The very exact same thing they are now reproaching Kosovo for doing...

    Serbia dug its own tomb on that one. It's the one that set multiple precedents of systematic and widespread violence and abuse, and it must now eat the cake it baked. It could never again be trusted to peacefully manage Kosovo, the only alternative to a never-ending UN rule was thus the independence of Kosovo.

    You know how it is: people just love to see a bully get bullied.

    It’s also kind of nasty of Kosovo to declare it’s independence while hiding behind international forces that are not supposed to be involved in such conflicts. There is real potential for people who are truly are third party in this fiasco to be injured/hurt in a war that is truly not theirs.
    True. Wars in the Balkans have an eerie habit of turning global.

    Then you have to factor in the fact that just about every nation on Earth has populations looking to break away from the nations they’re a part of – including the United States, France and England.
    Not true, of France at least. Who wants to break away from France, apart from minuscule, but very vocal and violent, groups of terrorists who do NOT represent the people they claim to represent? Take Corsica, for example: a referendum was conducted there, asking the POPULATION, not the terrorists, if they wanted their independence. The result: a massive NO!! In fact, the joke running around at the time was that it was the population of the rest of France that should have been polled, so we could vote to evict Corsica from France and finally be done with its terrorists...

    This is going to turn in to a very large mess that will drag on for years in to the future.
    The mess has been there for decades. For example: under Tito's leadership, Kosovo gained the status of autonomous province, and was campaigning for full independence. In 1989, Milosevic unilaterally revoked that status, thus crushing every bit of national pride and hope for independence the Albanian Kosovars had. And that's just one tiny example of a mess that's been going on for decades, even centuries.
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    One thing about this issue i didn't get is why Serbia needs Kosovo in the first place, its about 93% Albanian and 3% Serb, is it only because it 'belongs to them' by the Sovereignty stuff? i may sound one sided but thats cose thats what the information i've gathered insinuates. ( i had to do a news article for it at school but it turned up to be one sided as much as i tried to see Serbias point of view.)

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