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Our third attempt of freedom from the USA failed. We tried to start our own movie industry with government help but the USA threatened us by saying they would crash our economy if we set up a government sponsored movie industry.

However the USA were generous. They told us, although we couldn't have our own movie industry, we could send our movie stars and our directors to the USA to make propaganda movies. And that is why today we see our movies stars and directors working in Hollywood.

It is instructive though to see how sensitive the USA is about its soft power, the propaganda power of Hollywood. The USA is so sensitive they will even threaten an ally who is the only country in the world who has supported them in every major conflict for the last 100 years.
Tell me, what is your opinion on cultural exchange? Should it be permitted? Or does the risk of a loss of unity and community between the citizens of your own nation make this an unnecessary endeavor? And how do you feel about the USA as an ally? As a partner in trade? Can you allow vigilance to wane while harboring such obvious suspicion? I think that people want to project beliefs onto others, it is an essential part of believing, but wouldn't you suspect that some are better equipped to do so than others? Can you say that your stance on gun control is fully removed from your cultural pride in handling the issue so smoothly? I would say that a nation's people pride themselves on successes such as these. And after all, a lot of us are closet patriots.